Sunday, 26 December 2010

Back To Business

The whole house is full of Goddess's presence again. I did a little of witching. I asked the Goddess to free me from my doubts and selfcritisism. I know she heard me. :) I feel lot better and tuned again. The energy is back running up my legs (like it used to be). I have been working a lot and therefore been so - how would I put it - secular. I've been in a need of money - lot's of it - and I have had no time to my witchlife. But it's nice that everything is back to "normal" right now (normal to me is when odd things start happen again).

And yes, the summary will be coming, just be patient...

Monday, 20 December 2010

A Brief Update..

I bougth this beautifull female statue from Frida (Sörnäinen) today.

It doesn't look so good in the picture than it does for real.

I also bought three horseshoes (???), and have no idea why. Just followed my intuition again.

So it's Yuleday tomorrow. I have to admit that - afterall - I've been waiting for Yule more than Samhain. Samhain is officially the pagan new year but somehow for me it's Yule. Maybe it's because Yule is about tranformation. New beginnings. A new chapter is about to start in your life. It makes me excited. I love endings, though sometimes they're wistful, bittersweet or even sad. But endings also bring new beginnings and I'm always excited to see what life has in store for me. :))

This Yuleday I have work untill eight or nine o'clock, blah. I guess I'll just relax afterwards. I might be too tired to perform any spell.


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A look into my stuff

This fellow is hanging on my living room wall right next to door. It wellcomes all my friends but eats everybody I don't like. :)

This's hanging on my window, the pentagram is all that is left from Miwia's Yule present (it was very sugary and yummy).

                                      My shell where I keep most of the stuff. The deities' candles, a plate and a goblet, incense sticks, cauldron, Mushu, oils and a little bottle of rose water.

                                          My goddess and god candles. Found from Indian Bazar.


             My plate and and my goblet, used in rituals. Found from Frida
- the flea market.

My oil collection;
Ylang ylang: A very sensual oil, similar to Jasmine.
Rose; For love magick. Also great for couperotic skin.
Patchouli: An all-purpose oil (attracts things). Generally used
in love magick as well as for prosperity.
Clove: For love, lust, passion. Very warming oil.
Rosewood: For meditation. Calming. Can also be used in space clearing.
Cinnamon: For physic abilities. Increases focus and therefore aids in
Palmarosa: Healing, spiritual cleansing (helps to let go of the past), love
Lemon: Energizing (I have used it for space clearing also), for full moon rituals
and love spells
Peppermint: Refreshing, purification, focus, beneficial for health, healing
Fennel: Healing, protection
Orange: Cheering, for to gain confidence

And last but not least: My little deer. I use it as an insence holder
but originally I guess it was meant to hold candles. Found from Frida.
The bowl is from indian Bazar (surprizingly..).

So that's all folks, for today. By the way, I hope you a magical upcoming Yule since it's going to be also a fullmoon night. A Sabbath-Esbath. :)

Monday, 13 December 2010

A spell for a new job

I performed a spell for a new job last week since I'm getting bored with McDonald's. I used this little voodoo doll of mine that I bought from Cruel Age (Kamppi). I used a green candle as a representative to my new job and black candle as a symbol of endings. I anointed the g´reen candle with selfmade oil; I mixed dried dill and ginger together with etheric geranium oil into a vegetable oil base. Dill is for prosperity as well as ginger and geranium oil is said to bring success in new projects (which in my case is finding a better job).

I took a hair of mine and tied it around the little doll's neck to connect it with my energies. I put those two candles on the kitchen table about 40 sentimeters apart. I kindled first the black and then the green one and put the little doll next to the black candle at first. I sat down and when the moment felt rigth, moved the doll a bit toward the green candle. I moved the doll three times untill it reached it's goal and left it to lie there untill the whole candle had burned. After that I put the doll into my bag.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


I added a new gadget named "Schools" and put two links in there. The second one, "Witch School International" is the one I started with. It's an online pagan/witch/wicca school. There are courses you can take part online. Some videos and exercises are also available on youtube (type in "wicca first ( or second or third) class lesson 1 (or 2 or 3). So you'll find Reverend Don and his awsome educational videos! He really knows his stuff.

The first school (Viiskannan koulu - The Pentagram School or Charmed Pentagram)  is the one I'm going to attend soon when it starts again. I figured I gotta study more about herbs - been too lazy. It's easier for me to learn in an enviroment like school, I have an audio memory which means that I remember things I've been told rather than things I've read. I do read, but the best way for me is definately to go to some institute of learning. So, for once, I'm looking forward to go to school. :D

Monday, 29 November 2010

Some shoppings and good news

I visited Indian Bazar yesterday and bought this insence called "Night Queen". The scent is, oh, so wonderfull. It's very strong and sweet. Even though I haven't even opened the package yet, the whole room already smells like it. From the magical point of view the plant is perfect for fullmoon rituals, not only because it's extremely feminine and sensual scent, but because it's one of those nocturnal plants that bloom only at night enjoying the moonlight. Unlike most of the plants.

Here's a picture of a white Night Queen:

I managed to get an apartment today and couldn't but smile when noticing an egyptian wallhanging while visiting the apartment and recieving keys...

Also, I'm now reading a book called Ceremonial Magic - The Power Of Evocation written by Joseph Lisiewski (who has at least 40 years of experience in this subject) and there would be no better word to describe this book than "Hard core". The magick in this book is very dark (dark here, does not mean bad but rather forgotten) rennaissance kind of magick as mister L thinks it's the only right way to do magick. This book is very very interesting and goes very deep into the history of grimoires and magick itself all the way back to ancient Egypt and times when Greece took over Egypt which lead to the birth of Hermetic magic system. An old grimoire called Heptameron serves as a basis material of the magick described in this book. As for the entities, if the instructions of the book are followed carefully the practitioner is gonna find him/herself from a situation where a strong feeling that someone's here, or a wind is blowing a little, are no longer valid. We are talking about real fysical manifestation where the spirit is gonna be fysically present in the room, generally using the smoke of the insence to take form. It's gonna be seemingly there, not only in a feeling or in a bizarre supposition or image in your head. 

I will do a summary of this book as soon as I finish reading it (and report my own experiences as soon as I reach enough courage to try - the thing is, if you fail your life is gonna turn, well, into a hell for a while). The summary will appear in finnish.

Oh, and I just turned 21 yesterday. :)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Pale Beauty

Had a nice fullmoon, everybody? I did, even though I had to walk much further from my stone circle to do the ritual, first because it's covered with ice and snow and second because it's no longer safe in the little forest. A lot of people walk there nowadays. So I headed further a block or two, to reach a beautifull virgin forest where the trees are much bigger, EVERYTHING was so much bigger! And the snow and all, glowing in the darkening evening, forming thick layers on the branches of the trees. It was such a winter wonderland! Before stepping into the forest I naturally introduced myself and said I was there to follow the old customs. Then waited for the affirmative answer before stepping in.

I had one candle with me and a lighter. I replaced the candle on a rock (I guess that's what it was, it was all covered in sknow), kindled it and formed the circle. Nowadays I have this habbit to hum everything in it's place. It's so easy that way. So I hummed the circle using a tune that just spontaneously came to me visualizing the circle forming around me and asking the spirits of nature to join the ritual if they want. And then Í sang the elements using the song "The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water, return return return return" that I have heard from Youtube. Sometimes I also use a the wellknown "Earth my body, Water my blood, Air my breath and Fire my spirit", a very beatifull chant also. <--- that's the chant "The Earth, The Air, The Fire, The Water", go and listen in case you already haven't. :) It's catchy. <--- "Earth my body, Water my blood, Ear my breath and Fire my spirit".  I gotta confess this is my favorite one of the two.

Here's also a good one by Wendy Rule, a bit stronger and "darker" in melody as well as singing:

Well, my fullmoon ritual was pretty simple. I made a little prayer for the Goddess and then just layed on the snow watching the tops of the trees reaching the dark sky and the earth's energies pouring through me.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

More about power animals

Some more about power animals; Also insects and sea creatures can be power animals, plants and trees are thought to serve as plant spirit guides.

I visited three times the site I gave you at the bottom of the last post and got lioness, rhino and tortoise. I gotta say the discription was very accurate and those qualities are the ones gotta hold on right now. They all had the same theme, goals, strenght and power.

The lioness has the power. Abundance and power are yours, for you are the lioness.

With the lioness energy within you, you will become a great provider, able to go out into the world, successfully meet the challenges of life and bring home the bounty for yourself and your loved ones. There is no need to worry about whether you will succeed, for you are the lioness.

The lioness will bring you the gift of perfect timing. She will teach you when to lie low and blend with the surroundings and when to leap out and go after what you desire. Your intuitive side will strengthen as you develop the skill of sensing what is around you and knowing exactly when to make your move.

The rhino has the strenght as it is stable and strong, he observes carefully, but when he decides to charge, he does so with complete commitment to a successful outcome.

The rhino also gives you a thicker skin so that you won't be bothered by those things that doesn't support you anymore.

The tortoise reaches it's goal no matter what. The tortoise will teach you how to make time work for you. She knows that if you simply put one foot in front of the other and keep moving, you are bound to reach your destination. She is not afraid to set ambitious goals, even seemingly impossible goals, for her patience and tenacity are built upon a deep belief in herself.

And at times of crisis, the tortoise is able to find peace within itself.


Remember to also honor your guide/guides as they sacrifice their time and strenght on you. The most simple way is to say thank you. You may also wish to buy a pendant representing you power animal, or a shirt or even a poster and hang it on your wall to remind you that they're with you.

So, thank you Lioness for being with me, thank you Rhino for being with me, thank you Tortoise for being with me. <3

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Power animals

This is about power animals and/or animal guides, aren't they kinda like a same thing? I have always thought that your current power animal is also your animal guide when you take a journey to the other worlds. Also, the animal acts as a guardian angel giving the person it's inner wisdom and best atributes - what the person needs at that moment.

It is common that power animals change through time. When I was 2-5-years old, I was very fascinated by birds. I think a bird was my very first power animal. I drew a lot as a child and at that time I drew nothing but birds. My parent's were amazed - not only about the fact that their child did nothing but drew birds - but also how accurately I could  actually draw the birds for a such a small child. Then after five years of age I began to grow interest in dogs and wolves, which I also started drawing a lot. Foxes have also been there through my childhood.

Wolves continued to walk with me through puberty years (12-16) and then I started liking cats a lot for a while. I suppose I was about 17-18. And after that I've had this long period without any specific animal fascinating me. Untill yesterday, when I went shopping (again, even though I was supposted to save my money! *Sigh*). I had never liked those animal batterns that are so in right now. I had alway thougt they were revolting but now I decided to try on a jersey with leopard spots. It turned out that I actually liked it and when looking in the mirrow I wondered, that I somehow even look like one. Not to mention that I felt.. "cat beastly". I wear this jersey of mine right now. It's funny when I put it on I also noticed changes in my fysics, the tempo and the way I walked around this place and at times the look on my face in the mirrow is different.
Like a cat beast.

Though, the term is mainly used in shamanic practices, many witches I know acknowledge the existence of these animals. In case you don't know what your power animal is and want to find it, think waht animal has always been or is right now, close to you heart. What animal you feel fascinated about? You can ask the animal appear to you in your dream or you can suddenly find that a certain animal represents itself repeatedly, for example: You happen to watch a TV programme of bears, your boyfriend gives you a teddy bear for a present and takes you out to a pub called "The Dancing Bears" ... and so on. There can also be nore than just one poweranimal at the same time.

Here's a list of most common power animals (

Bear is known for its period of hibernation. Bear can help us with the ability to turn inward to access our strength and honor your nature cycles. He teaches us when it is time to act and when it is time to be still.

Beaver Has an amazing ability to build and create. Beavers can help you solve problems by creating solid solutions

Buffalo /Bison Buffalo brings abundance and healing. The buffalo is sacred to Native American people and no part of him wasted.

Cougar A symbol of power. Cougar teaches you to balance your own. Cougar responds to any challenge with swiftness.

Coyote Is known as the trickster. He calls on us to look truthfully at our selves and our behavior.

Crow a messenger, keeper of sacred law who sees with a unified eye (non-duality)

Deer is alert and a symbol of sensitivity and kindness.

Dolphin Dolphins are messengers between water and sky. They are playful and intelligent. They bring the message of harmony and balance.

Eagle A symbol of freedom and perspective. As a representation of great spirit eagle carries our prayers to the sky. He teaches us to fly.

Elk teaches about stamina, the importance of pacing yourself enabling you to successfully complete your chosen task

Fox Is cunning and clever he moves with the utmost discretion. Fox teaches us to slow down and observe.

Frog Assists with the cleansing of our emotions. With the element of water frog shows us how to start afresh.

Hawk A symbol of observation and awareness.

Horse Represents strength and freedom. Horse teaches us how to use our power gracefully.

Mole Explores below the surface by digging a little deeper therefore he helps us with our subconscious minds. Mole will help you explore the hidden parts of yourself.

Moose  teaches us to be proud of our accomplishments.

Otter Is the master at enjoying life. Otter is playful and chatty. The otter reminds us that play is a important aspect to enjoying our lives fully.

Owl Represents wisdom. Owl has amazing vision bringing the gift of insight.

Rabbit A symbol of fertility. Rabbit help us reveal our hidden talents.

Raven Raven is the messenger from spirit world. He represents mystery

Snake Symbolises transformation and the shedding of ones skin.

Spider Shows us the connection of all life through the power of her web.

Squirrel Is prepared for anything that life may present. They are extremely adaptable and teach us to trust that with preparation our own life will be simple and safe.

Turtle Is protected by her shell. She represents mother earth to some tribes.

Whales Are the record keepers of the ocean. They bring us the gift of telepathy and teach us the value of sound.

Wolf Is a great teacher. He helps you find the answers within yourself. Associated with the moon wolf will help you develop your intuition.

You can also visit this link and follow you intuition:
(I got the lioness :DDD)

Thursday, 11 November 2010

"I always feel like, somebody's watchin meeeeee..." - BeatFreaks

I have a strong feeling that I'm not sitting alone here.
That somebody's with me in this space, but it's not bad or evil (or at least I don't feel like it). And it's not the God or the Goddess. Assumably a spirit. I have a feeling that it knows me and it came here for a reason. Maybe it has a message or something. I feel shivers in my spine and head, not the ones you get
when you're cold but ... the other ones. You know what I mean.

I should get or make myself a pendulum so that I could come in contact with it. Pendulum is better than the board in my opinion, or at least it's safer 'cause you can keep a little distant to the spirit - for safety cautions.

Monday, 8 November 2010

New look

Hi guys! As you might notice I've changed the look of this blog. The theme is still kinda dark. Hope you like it! :)

It's a shame that I can't make any gadget's on this template, so the Followers gadget had to go but instead I made a guestbook where you can inform me of you existence. It's called The Book Of Fellows or BOF and can be found from the sidebar (scroll down a bit). I'd be very happy to have more "parners in crime". <3

Also, I'm very thankfull for the four followers, thanks for following! :)

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Btw guys, I just noticed I had recieved a message from a woman who was looking for blogs and sites for to be presented in Seita magazine. You know Seita, right? In case you don't, it's the official magazine of the pagan community. I'm very honored that she was interested in my little blog. :)

So, I read through my posts and noticed I've been very unfair to you guys. I talk about egyptian magick, I talk about spells I'm gonna do but then I have left the whole subject leaving you wondering; What exactly did she do?

For example the friendship spell with shamrocks and all. Well, it goes like this (in case you wanna try):

You'll need three shamrocks, a cauldron (or something to burn the shamrokcs in) and matches or a lighter. This is very easy. Burn the shamrocks while chanting "Friend in need is a friend indeed, my soul sister/brother come to me" or whatever you like and feel confortable with. I always think that what spontaneously comes from you is the best thing to do.

As for the egyptian magick, I'll publish a thing called "Opening the mouth" which could be seen similar to wiccan circle casting - but in an ancient egyptian way. So here it goes:


Stand a knife in you hand facing the west. Say:

Un re-a an Ptah, uau netu, uau netu, aru re-a an neter nut-a.

I arefm Djewhty, meh aper em heka, uau netu, uau netu, en Suti sau re-a.

Khesef-tu Tem uten-nef senef sai set.

Un re-a, apu re-a an Shu em nut-ef tui ent baat en pet enti ap-nef re en neteru am-es.

Nuk Sekhet!     Hems-a her kes amt urt aat ent pet.

Nuk Sakhu!     Urt her-ab baiu Annu.

Ar heka neb t'etet neb t'etu er-a sut, aha neteru er-sen paut neteru temtiu


May Ptah give me voice, remove the wrappings! Remove the wrappings which the lesser gods have placed over my mouth.

Come unto me Djewhty, bearer of Heka, full of Heka, remove the wrappings! Remove the wrappings of Suti which fetter my mouth.

May Tem turn back those who would restrain me.

Give me voice! May my mouth be opened by Shu with that divine instrument of iron with which the gods were given voice.

I am Sekhet! I watch over the heaven of the west.

I am Sakhu! I watch over the souls of Annu.

May the gods and their children hear my voice, and resist those who would silence me

Now, draw a vertical line with a dagger into the air and say:


Then turn to the south and do the same thing saying:


Turn to the east, draw the line and say:


Then finally turn to the north, draw the line and say:


I am the flame wich shines upon the Opener of Eternity.


This and some more stuff could be also found from here:
I have had trouble learning Egyptian language since there's no material! I would really like to now how to really pronounce those and not just mumble jumple something...
Also, I never told you about how I came to the Goddess in the firts place. I told you about the Ankh but what I didn't tell you was that for the first time in my life I really felt somebody's presence. I saw feminine figures being carved on one of the Ankhs so I thought back then, that it must have something to do with the Goddess. Soon I found myself calling the goddess Isis. After that I wondered why (like, why not a celtic or a skandinavian one or something much "closer" to me) but now that I think about it, it was very apposite. Afterall, Isis is the goddess of magick and protection. I was just beginning my magical path and also somewhat vulnerable due to inexperience (not that I'm even close to a great magician right now, but certainly I've grown a lot). Back then I pumbed into several situations where haste and anger were pointed towards me, for example on a traintrip back to Helsinki. I went to buy food from the restaurant car and couldn't but notice some very angry stares from the older ladies sitting in the table. I still don't know why, maybe they were Christians and sensed the difference in me. And possibly of those Christian who very much dislike pagans. I however have nothing against Christians (unless they go against me) and believe that if you reject other religions like that, you also reject your own because at heart, all the religions are the same.
Whoa, this turned out very long!

Friday, 5 November 2010

An attack

My little stone circle in the woods had been attacked. No mature damage happened but that was not a nice thing to do.

This morning I went to my regular walk in the woods, threw a coin and a lock of my hair into a pond to strenghten the relationship and to give thanks to water and its spirits as they've let me wash my face many times in the pond. The water makes wonders to my skin. My skin's normally dry but if I wash my face in the pond it becomes soft and dryness is gone. I don't even need any lotions or anything after that! Anyway, I then headed to my stone circle to notice somebody had (at least) been trying to break it down. It was clear that this was no accident - it's not that somebody had accidentally walked in and kicked the rocks. The little rock piles I used to hold the candles and such were somewhat teared down and in the other parts of the circle the rocks were kicked away. My altar had been teared down too. It was made of four rocks holding one big, smooth rock in place. Kinda like a stone table.

I'm quite sure that a child did this even though they don't play so much over there where my circle is. It's not a teen for sure. I haven't seen any teens here, only families with small children. Besides, the altar rock was only dropped few inches away from the rest of the stones which indicates that the attacker had not been able to carry it any further. If it was a teen, the rock would have probably been thrown far away from the whole circle (and the whole circle would have probably been destroyed completely). I'm able to carry the rock even though I'm a small woman, so if the attacker was not able to do the same he or she must be smaller than me - that is: A child.

Why would a child do such a thing? The altar had been touhced once before, but the whole circle was left untouched, it looked more like they had been only playing there leaving respectfully the rest of my art work alone but now there's no doubt that this was done only to violate. Well whoever it was, I took this as a sign to change residence. I've been moving from a flat to another - this one too is only temporary. It's about time for me to find a stable home to settle down somewhere -  finally.

So, guess what kind of a spell is coming next? :)

Sunday, 31 October 2010


Samhain Blessings to everyone!

It's the Sabbath I've been waiting for...

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Music piece

My favorite song of all time, again fromt the gorgeous Loreena McKennitt! "The old Ways".

The box is a bit too big.. But whatevah, enjoy the music.

Sunday, 24 October 2010


I met with Seamrog and Miwia last night to celebrate the full moon. We had fun alltough we didn't do much, just sat in the woods in the stone circle I had built and talked, while the nature was keeping her eye on us. :) In a good way though. I baked cookies, but they burned a bit and weren't really tasty allthough I did follow the recipe. :p How's that possible?

Here's the recipe:

1 cup of crushed almonds
1 1/4 cups of flours
1/2 cup of powdered sugar
Two drops of almond extract
1 egg yolk
1/2 cup of vegetable oil

Mix the crushed almonds, flour, sugar and almond extract together. Then mix the yolk and oil into it by hand so that the paste becomes smooth. Cool the paste. Warm the oven up to 200 dergrees. Take pieces of paste to form half moons (or whatever you like but since I made them on Esbat, I made little moons :)). Let your master piece stay in the oven 20 minutes (note: They might burn if you follow the last part of the instruction as I did).

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sacret space

I always prefer spells done outside than indoors. I'm much more intuned when I'm in the woods. So, last sunday I got this urge to built a little ritual place of my own into the woods. It's a rocky area, so I was able to find little stones and rocks to built my circle with. And oh, it turned out so beautifull! I wish my brother hadn't taken my camera 'cause now I really need it to take picture of it to post here! As soon as I get my camera back I'll take a pic for you guys. :)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Sun King

It seems that I'm turning more and more Wicca. Yesterday the Sun King stepped into my life. Untill now I had only felt the Goddesses presence, this mysterious and soft energy. The God had felt very distant, I wasn't even sure if he existed. But yesterday morning before I went to work I took a walk in the woods for refreshment. The day was cloudy but I could see a little bit of sunlight twinkling behind the clouds. I stopped to look at the clouds. The scene was pretty bible-like actually, as if it was a painting from Michael Angelo. It made me think about the christian god; A man with a beard, kinda like Santa but much more.. I don't know, cold? Judgemental? Just blain dull and old. Desiccated..

I turned my head elsewhere and took a deep breath trying to get in touch with the sun's energies. An image then bumped into my mind. I saw this yellow haired man (not a young boy but not an old man either, about 27 of age) with glimmery eyes smiling widely and outreaching his hand towards me. And I took his hand. After that I felt like I had just made an agreement and somebody had entered my life and was now with me.

When waiting the buss I could feel his loving touch in a gentle breeze on my face and those twinkly eyes still looking at me. Leaving me feeling loved. I now understand the consept between sun and god, He really is like these first rays of sun, gentle and warm, in the early spring melting frosty flora and bringing the whole nature back to life. Just gentle, warm, loving an joyfull.

Even though Wiccans say they worship both the Goddess and God, however it seems that the Goddess is everywhere. I haven't found much material about the Sun God, all the songs and paintings seem to be for the Goddess. Though I see it as a natural reaction for hundrets of years under harsh male domination, I'd still like to hear some song telling about the Sun King. Or a nice picture of this smiling man. Maybe I gotta draw one myself. Oh Gosh, I haven't been drawing in years..

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Autumn Equinox

I wish you all a great Mabon a.k.a Autumn Equinox! Blessed be this land and all it's creatures! 

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Hail to the Dark Lady

Last night was wonderfull. I lied down on the grass by the forest and oh my, I felt the energy rushing in me. Nature's indeed a living creature. I can feel - especially at night time - how alive it is. I felt thousands of eyes staring at me and above all something gentle and calm that's everywhere entwining everything into itself. Yet everything was so silent and still, not even a single breeze rustled the leaves, no birds, nothing. But as I left and said thanks, a small breeze rustled the leaves as if as a resbond. :)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Correllian Wicca

So I bought this book Witch School First Degree written by Donald Lewis-Highcorrell as I have decided to actually study myself to be a wiccan even though that wasn't my first intent. But I'm interested in what I could find by trying. :D Even if I'm not religious that doesn't mean I could not explore and try things.

Also, there's an evergrowing interest in me towards vampires. Right now I'm reading The Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger. Very interesting. She has also written a ritual book for vampires that.. Surprizingly... Has some similarities to wicca especially when it comes to holidays (she only has given them different names). Lady Belanger is also a founder of The House of Kheperu (Google it). The site has very good articles about energies and how they work.

Oh my, again I've so many things to read!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Tryin' to think of...

... something useful to write but I just can't think of anything right now. I've a lot to do, tryin' to find an apartment, going to work and studying witchcraft.

I met the energy healer the other day. It was my first touch in Reiki. I did sleep after couple of nights (during the first two nights after Reiki, the neighboors were being noisy :/). The healer said that my sleeping problems were 'caused by the fact that I was opening up to the energies - same thing had happened to her seven years ago. At the same night I also went to my first Reiki meeting at Punavuori and got to try Reiki healing myself. I had no idea what to do so I did whatever came into my mind (I guess that's the best way to do it). In their opinion it was very unusual but they liked it. :)

So, that's about it this time.

Monday, 23 August 2010

What the heck's wrong with me?

I don't get this anymore. What the hell's wrong with me? I've had serious sleeping problems for like - three month's now. I somehow keep waking up all the time (that is the case, if I happen to fall asleep) and there's no reason why. I've been seeing a doctor and visited a psychiatrist but they don't know what's wrong (and I've been in accupuncture but..). They say that at this point, being slept so little (about 2-4 hours a night, sometimes not at all), I shouldn't be able to stay awake or WORK at all. But I somehow seem to be able to be completely normal, do my work and stuff. And the most insane thing here is that I don't feel sleepy. I want to sleep but I don't feel sleepy. I just have energy. This's scaring me. I've always been a good sleeper. But now the smallest noises are bothering me even though they used to calm me down in the past. Last night, the harmless ticking of a clock almost drove me crazy. It was somehow very distressing. I felt distressed most of the time last night, even though - again - I have no reason!

I thought, maybe it's the bed (I've tested if I could sleep better on better bed - but no), I'm hoping it's just the anxiety of trying to find a new apartment bugging me unconsiously.. But then again, I've been in these kind of situations before and slept well even though I've been about to be kicked out the next day. I'm a happy-go-lucky type of a person.

This sucks. Sometimes I even cry 'cause, hell, I don't know what's going on. What if I won't sleep anymore - ever? No medicine works. I'm lost, I need somebody to confort me and say it's gonna be okay. I feel like a child calling her mom. And sometimes in the middle of the night when I'm still awake I really need a mom - any mom. Somebody. This sounds so stupid...

Luckily I'm gonna go and see a energy healer (or something like that), 'cause really, I'm done with doctors. I hope she can help me. At least she says so.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Turning Chinese

What's up with me nowadays? For the past two weeks or so I've become more and more drawn to all things chinese (or all things chinese have become more and more drawn to me). This theme just keeps repeating itself again and again and everytime it becomes stronger and stronger. It's everywhere I go. Something chinese comes my way. For example, today I went to a antiquarian bookshop and as I stepped in I noticed there was some kind of chinese theme going on. There were a lot of books about ancient china. I looked at the books while listening the vendor man talking to the phone. "Yeah, the chinese people went.. Yeah, I visited china.. Chinese language..China this, Chinese that.." Just china, china, china! Resounding in my ears.

I get this weird feeling sometimes, about some of the items or pictures, as if it reminds me of something I just can't quite remember. The feeling is wistfull but sometimes at the same time I feel this sadness, depression or even repulsion. It might have something to do with past lives, something that I have to go through now.

I also visited Aurinko Shop at Forum and there were a lot of chinese stuff there that I hadn't noticed before. I couldn't resist the temptation to by a little black dragon statue. It somehow felt so alive. I named it Mushu according to the dragon in the Walt Disney movie Mulan. Now I gotta reed more about ancient china as I came up with this idea to include chinese elements in my magick. :)

Ugh, and I've been such a big spender again (Mushu you better pay yourself back since you insisted me to buy you)..

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Candle magick

This simple spell of mine is the first one I've created and performed.

First gather the energy in a way you feel is rigth for you. Then take a peace of paper (natural paper if possible, parchment etc.) and write down whatever it is you want (with ink, if possible). Imagine your will (the energy!) floating through your hand into the paper, into the words you write. Then spent a moment visualizing your goal - make sure you don't lift the pen up from the paper just yet. Now, when you're ready, fold the paper, light a candle (you may pick the color of the candle according to your goal - such as red or pink for love) and burn the paper in the candle flame. Once burned, gather the ashes and throw them into the wind for to be carried to manifestation. I burned the paper in my sink, so I gathered as much ash as I could and the rest of it I flushed away with water - a good way, if you wanna include all four elements in your magick.

Hope you guys find it usefull! :)

Monday, 9 August 2010


Here's a wonderfull peace of music from Loreena McKennitt. In my opinion she's one of the best pagan music makers of all time. Also, check out a piece named Mystic's Dream (if you haven't already done so, it's quite popular) - my favorite. <3

The Mystic's Dream:

Enjoy and blessed be!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Magical jewerly

I'm a huge fan of jewerly and at times I get these urges to buy a lot of them. Now I'm mainly talking about gemstones, not the plastic grap they sell in regular stores and malls. Gemstones (as well as minerals) have their very own vibrations and auras and can be used in magical workings plus they're extremely beautifull. When I called the quaters for the first time I used carnelion to represent south. I have a punch of amethysts, two moonstones one of which is a pendant, the carnelion I mentioned, a tiger eye and recently I bought a crystal pendant from an asian couple who tour the world. They're now settled here in Helsinki and can be found from Kamppi. There's this open area in front of the mall and on warm and sunny days they're there selling natural and hand made jewerly. Follow the trumming if you fancy to find them!

I took pictures of my newest "boughtings", here they are:

The pentagram is the one I bought when visiting my home town and the tortoise I bought today. It's aventurine, said to be helpfull in meditation and opening ones energies.

Here are the rest of my babies. :) The Ankh on the left, little crystal kitty I also bought with the tortoise and this extremely beautifull necklace made by the asian man at Kamppi. I bought it together with the crystal necklace you also see here. The first round pearl or stone he said is a grass pea, but I'm not sure if I heard it right 'cause I've never heard there's such a stone. I googled it, but didn't find a stone named "grass pea". And the other stone below the so called grass pea, he didn't know it's origins. He just picked it up from the sea. Nevertheless the handwork is beautifull. And then the bracelet with tinkerbells attached - also made by the asian couple. It's so beutifull and unique! Isn't it? I love it. <3 Please people, at least those who live in Helsinki or near, visit this amazing couple! I highly recommend it. :) 

Yesterday bought a book called  Magical Oils A-Z by Maria Solomon. the book contains at least 1000 different oils and instructs in using them. There're also some spells (mainly candle magick) and recipes. So let's see... Let's see..

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Happy Lughnasadh!

My Lughnasadh greetings to everyone! Hope you enjoy this fest. I bought some peanuts as I'm both very lazy and lousy cook. ;D But who knows, maybe I'll bake something after all.. Since I don't have too many pagan or wiccan or witch friends to share the bread with I was thinking of putting a nut into the bread (and eat it myself of course) and the day I'll find it, is considered very lucky. :)

Oh, and I had something else in mind.. I found this lovely Three Wishes Spell from the internet:



Place 3 candles on the highest place in your home, inside a plate, and surround the candles with sugar. Light the candles. Ask guardian angels, St. Raphael, St. Michael, and St. Gabriel to grant your wishes. Make one wish for business, one for love, and one for the impossible.

On the 3rd day after you make your wishes, publish this spell (by emailing to a friend, posting on an internet group site, or publishing your thanks in a classifed ad).

See what happens on the 4th day........

Thank you St. Raphael, St. Michael, and St. Gabriel!
This's my third day as you had probably already guessed. So let's see what happens tomorrow.. ;)

Monday, 26 July 2010

A Book review

So this's about the book by Sarrah Lyddon Morrison that I read. The book goes under title The Modern Witche's Spellbook but as far as I can see the book is far from modern. The spells (though some of them usefull) are ancient and consist of spell material which most of us either would not have possibilities to perform or would not want to perform for it's so gross (such as killing a chicken in the middle of the night in the middle of the crossroads). The author seems to have very strong opinions and she's pretty direct in saying that if you aren't good in visualization - you're never gonna be a witch, you've no talent, forget about it. I mean, what the hell? Doesn't she now that all those things are possible to learn..? Also, the good lady claims disliking black magick and emphasizes that one must stay far away from them. And I agreed with her. But then as I read on, I discover that she (and some of the friends of hers) is interupting in more than one peoples lives without the permission of the particular individuals. They did no harm, but still have to say that I think it's inappropriate. Especially in love spells when directed into an individual, that's manipulation. Harmless, but manipulation nevertheless.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun reading the book as some of the spells made me laugh hard. So I would recommend the book just for fun but please, think twice and hard if you decide to use some of ther spells.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Those black magicians..

I wonder if any of you have ever pumbed into a black magician? I'm not sure if there's even any here in Finland (since the amount of witches is very small) but logically there must be some individuals. I myself am not into black magic, I think it's wrong to manipulate or harm another person whether you use magick or not. And I don't know what is the reason that makes them think it's perfectly okay. However, I think the main reason for an individual to start practising black magick is the power it brings.

Anyway, the reason for this post is this little incident that happenned yesterday.
I was crossing the the Mannerheim's street
in the trafficlight when I spotted a girl,
about my age, across the street. She looked
familiar but soon I noticed she wasn't somebody
I knew so I tried to turn my head away but this girl
- who had spotted me too - kept looking at me
right into my eyes, without a blink. I felt a bit
confused by this but somehow felt defiance and looked
up again to face this girl with pride. She passed me,
very close, and kept looking into by eyes with flegmatic, arrogant,
cold stare. Eventually I ripped byt eyes of her with "attitude".
Allright, now you say; "So what? People do look
at each other while passing, there's nothing unusual"
and you're right. People do that BUT they normally even blink and
look somewhere else soonafter. And us Finns are very shy, as she passed me close she stared
at me in a way no Finn would dare to stare. Well maybe she was a foreinger, I don't know,
but her ethnicity was Scandinavian and she didn't act like she was in a new place, she new where she was and where she was going. Her essence (is that even a right word) was relaxed.

Afterwards I tought that maybe the girl was trying to curse me (which I don't quite believe) or maybe she's one of those fysic vamps that try to steal your energy. However I did not feel anything so FAIL for her, if that's what she was trying to do. Or maybe she's just a witch or a magician (possibly a black one) that recognized another one (in this case a white one) and therefore looked at me like that.

Or maybe I'm just going crazy. You know it's fullmoon and things tend to have more meaning than they really have.

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Yeah I know, I should've done the spell so far but I haven't mainly because I have so much things to do and I'm too tired that trying to do a spell right know is a risk. The spell would propably not turn out to be good. I work at McDonlds and the days are long and tough.

But I was gonna report about another thing. Being trying to find a Coven - no luck so far. And while visiting my hometown I ended up in front of the good old jewerly stand at the good old market place. :) My sudden attarction to a Ankh pendant made me spent my money on jewerly again instead of shoes that I really needed (the shoes though, found their way to me in the end). I talked with a witch guy in the internet about this incident with Ankh as I barely knew what it was as I bought it - and saw no reason why I was attracted to it so suddenly (I had seen the Ankh pendants before many times while visiting the stand in the past). However I did buy it, I still don't know why - I also bought a pentagram as a sign of my path - but the Ankh. I didn't want to buy anything that I had nothing in common with but somehow I bought it. And then I complained about this to the guy (my money! noo!). Well he said I should try egyptian magick. I didn't know there was such thing. Or at least I had never tought about it. And even though ancient Egypt fascinates me a bit I'm not much into the mythology and was a bit resistant doubting if this's for me. I'm very much into wicca and celtic stuff. However I've come into conclusion that I might just try this Egyptian thing a bit. I mean, it's always good to know different forms of magick and, what do I have to loose? Nothing. It didn't seem so boring after all, as I read some of the texts, it's just very different and therefore kinda interesting. And now I've written two old egyptian spells from which the other is a mantra for gathering Heka (Egyptian name for magick) and the other is the Egyptian way of creating the cicrcle/calling the quaters performed before starting to do magcik. Now I just gotta learn some egyptian to now how to pronounce the words.

Friday, 16 July 2010

..Can't think of a title name right now..

I just borrowed A Modern Witch's Spellbook by Sarah Lyddon Morrison. The book contains some very nice and simple basic spells that I'm going to try as soon as I get home. Right now I'm in Oulu (my hometown). Also gonna visit the local witchy boutique and possibly buy a crystal wand or other stuff that I'd possibly need. A cauldron would be nice since I prefer fire magick and I'm lucky to have no fire alarm in my appartment so there will be no deafening howling, thank goddess.
Now I just gotta find the three shamrocks needed for the spell I'm gonna carry out..

Monday, 12 July 2010

Merry meet

Allrighty, here goes the first post and hey look at that, it's new moon! Is there any better time to start a new project.. A blog for example? I wasn't even thinking about the moon phases when starting this but it seems that I always end up doing things in the right time, without considering whether it is actually the "right time" (for example, according to moon phases).

I am.. Well I dare to say I am a witch and do witchcraft. I've been very interested in all things occult for all my lifeOld celtic and pagan cultures and believes fascinate me somehow (if you have had these interests that just "somehow" fascinate you, pull you towards them without any particular reason, you know what I'm talking about). Brittish celtic especially, the life of priestesses.  

Ever since I was a child and during my adolescent years I practised fortune telling (as well as a little child could) and all kinds of peculiar stuff (astrology, numerology, palminstry, grafology, herbs, name it!) but it hasn't been but just recently when I proceeded into actual witchcraft wanting to deepen my skills. And since my now already deceased grandpa had "kinetic" abilites (moving things using only his mind, spiritual healing), I've started training them too (I promise to post a video as soon as I get any ressults, it's a long process :p)

Despite my appetency towards all things celtic I don't label myself into the wiccan category, allthough I agree in many of the terms and laws and believes wiccans have. See, for me this's not a religion but just a way I am. I don't feel the need to serve any particular god, goddess or deity or follow certain rituals (though sometimes it might be fun). Nevertheless I welcome all the wiccans and other weirdos here. :) Which leads us to the point why I wanted to make this blog; to make friends, to meet people fascinated by the same things I do, 'cause here where I live there are not many witches, wiccan etc. to interact with. Or at least I haven't succeeded in finding any. Feel free to contact, I don't bite. :)