Monday, 26 July 2010

A Book review

So this's about the book by Sarrah Lyddon Morrison that I read. The book goes under title The Modern Witche's Spellbook but as far as I can see the book is far from modern. The spells (though some of them usefull) are ancient and consist of spell material which most of us either would not have possibilities to perform or would not want to perform for it's so gross (such as killing a chicken in the middle of the night in the middle of the crossroads). The author seems to have very strong opinions and she's pretty direct in saying that if you aren't good in visualization - you're never gonna be a witch, you've no talent, forget about it. I mean, what the hell? Doesn't she now that all those things are possible to learn..? Also, the good lady claims disliking black magick and emphasizes that one must stay far away from them. And I agreed with her. But then as I read on, I discover that she (and some of the friends of hers) is interupting in more than one peoples lives without the permission of the particular individuals. They did no harm, but still have to say that I think it's inappropriate. Especially in love spells when directed into an individual, that's manipulation. Harmless, but manipulation nevertheless.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun reading the book as some of the spells made me laugh hard. So I would recommend the book just for fun but please, think twice and hard if you decide to use some of ther spells.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Those black magicians..

I wonder if any of you have ever pumbed into a black magician? I'm not sure if there's even any here in Finland (since the amount of witches is very small) but logically there must be some individuals. I myself am not into black magic, I think it's wrong to manipulate or harm another person whether you use magick or not. And I don't know what is the reason that makes them think it's perfectly okay. However, I think the main reason for an individual to start practising black magick is the power it brings.

Anyway, the reason for this post is this little incident that happenned yesterday.
I was crossing the the Mannerheim's street
in the trafficlight when I spotted a girl,
about my age, across the street. She looked
familiar but soon I noticed she wasn't somebody
I knew so I tried to turn my head away but this girl
- who had spotted me too - kept looking at me
right into my eyes, without a blink. I felt a bit
confused by this but somehow felt defiance and looked
up again to face this girl with pride. She passed me,
very close, and kept looking into by eyes with flegmatic, arrogant,
cold stare. Eventually I ripped byt eyes of her with "attitude".
Allright, now you say; "So what? People do look
at each other while passing, there's nothing unusual"
and you're right. People do that BUT they normally even blink and
look somewhere else soonafter. And us Finns are very shy, as she passed me close she stared
at me in a way no Finn would dare to stare. Well maybe she was a foreinger, I don't know,
but her ethnicity was Scandinavian and she didn't act like she was in a new place, she new where she was and where she was going. Her essence (is that even a right word) was relaxed.

Afterwards I tought that maybe the girl was trying to curse me (which I don't quite believe) or maybe she's one of those fysic vamps that try to steal your energy. However I did not feel anything so FAIL for her, if that's what she was trying to do. Or maybe she's just a witch or a magician (possibly a black one) that recognized another one (in this case a white one) and therefore looked at me like that.

Or maybe I'm just going crazy. You know it's fullmoon and things tend to have more meaning than they really have.

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Yeah I know, I should've done the spell so far but I haven't mainly because I have so much things to do and I'm too tired that trying to do a spell right know is a risk. The spell would propably not turn out to be good. I work at McDonlds and the days are long and tough.

But I was gonna report about another thing. Being trying to find a Coven - no luck so far. And while visiting my hometown I ended up in front of the good old jewerly stand at the good old market place. :) My sudden attarction to a Ankh pendant made me spent my money on jewerly again instead of shoes that I really needed (the shoes though, found their way to me in the end). I talked with a witch guy in the internet about this incident with Ankh as I barely knew what it was as I bought it - and saw no reason why I was attracted to it so suddenly (I had seen the Ankh pendants before many times while visiting the stand in the past). However I did buy it, I still don't know why - I also bought a pentagram as a sign of my path - but the Ankh. I didn't want to buy anything that I had nothing in common with but somehow I bought it. And then I complained about this to the guy (my money! noo!). Well he said I should try egyptian magick. I didn't know there was such thing. Or at least I had never tought about it. And even though ancient Egypt fascinates me a bit I'm not much into the mythology and was a bit resistant doubting if this's for me. I'm very much into wicca and celtic stuff. However I've come into conclusion that I might just try this Egyptian thing a bit. I mean, it's always good to know different forms of magick and, what do I have to loose? Nothing. It didn't seem so boring after all, as I read some of the texts, it's just very different and therefore kinda interesting. And now I've written two old egyptian spells from which the other is a mantra for gathering Heka (Egyptian name for magick) and the other is the Egyptian way of creating the cicrcle/calling the quaters performed before starting to do magcik. Now I just gotta learn some egyptian to now how to pronounce the words.

Friday, 16 July 2010

..Can't think of a title name right now..

I just borrowed A Modern Witch's Spellbook by Sarah Lyddon Morrison. The book contains some very nice and simple basic spells that I'm going to try as soon as I get home. Right now I'm in Oulu (my hometown). Also gonna visit the local witchy boutique and possibly buy a crystal wand or other stuff that I'd possibly need. A cauldron would be nice since I prefer fire magick and I'm lucky to have no fire alarm in my appartment so there will be no deafening howling, thank goddess.
Now I just gotta find the three shamrocks needed for the spell I'm gonna carry out..

Monday, 12 July 2010

Merry meet

Allrighty, here goes the first post and hey look at that, it's new moon! Is there any better time to start a new project.. A blog for example? I wasn't even thinking about the moon phases when starting this but it seems that I always end up doing things in the right time, without considering whether it is actually the "right time" (for example, according to moon phases).

I am.. Well I dare to say I am a witch and do witchcraft. I've been very interested in all things occult for all my lifeOld celtic and pagan cultures and believes fascinate me somehow (if you have had these interests that just "somehow" fascinate you, pull you towards them without any particular reason, you know what I'm talking about). Brittish celtic especially, the life of priestesses.  

Ever since I was a child and during my adolescent years I practised fortune telling (as well as a little child could) and all kinds of peculiar stuff (astrology, numerology, palminstry, grafology, herbs, name it!) but it hasn't been but just recently when I proceeded into actual witchcraft wanting to deepen my skills. And since my now already deceased grandpa had "kinetic" abilites (moving things using only his mind, spiritual healing), I've started training them too (I promise to post a video as soon as I get any ressults, it's a long process :p)

Despite my appetency towards all things celtic I don't label myself into the wiccan category, allthough I agree in many of the terms and laws and believes wiccans have. See, for me this's not a religion but just a way I am. I don't feel the need to serve any particular god, goddess or deity or follow certain rituals (though sometimes it might be fun). Nevertheless I welcome all the wiccans and other weirdos here. :) Which leads us to the point why I wanted to make this blog; to make friends, to meet people fascinated by the same things I do, 'cause here where I live there are not many witches, wiccan etc. to interact with. Or at least I haven't succeeded in finding any. Feel free to contact, I don't bite. :)