Thursday, 22 July 2010


Yeah I know, I should've done the spell so far but I haven't mainly because I have so much things to do and I'm too tired that trying to do a spell right know is a risk. The spell would propably not turn out to be good. I work at McDonlds and the days are long and tough.

But I was gonna report about another thing. Being trying to find a Coven - no luck so far. And while visiting my hometown I ended up in front of the good old jewerly stand at the good old market place. :) My sudden attarction to a Ankh pendant made me spent my money on jewerly again instead of shoes that I really needed (the shoes though, found their way to me in the end). I talked with a witch guy in the internet about this incident with Ankh as I barely knew what it was as I bought it - and saw no reason why I was attracted to it so suddenly (I had seen the Ankh pendants before many times while visiting the stand in the past). However I did buy it, I still don't know why - I also bought a pentagram as a sign of my path - but the Ankh. I didn't want to buy anything that I had nothing in common with but somehow I bought it. And then I complained about this to the guy (my money! noo!). Well he said I should try egyptian magick. I didn't know there was such thing. Or at least I had never tought about it. And even though ancient Egypt fascinates me a bit I'm not much into the mythology and was a bit resistant doubting if this's for me. I'm very much into wicca and celtic stuff. However I've come into conclusion that I might just try this Egyptian thing a bit. I mean, it's always good to know different forms of magick and, what do I have to loose? Nothing. It didn't seem so boring after all, as I read some of the texts, it's just very different and therefore kinda interesting. And now I've written two old egyptian spells from which the other is a mantra for gathering Heka (Egyptian name for magick) and the other is the Egyptian way of creating the cicrcle/calling the quaters performed before starting to do magcik. Now I just gotta learn some egyptian to now how to pronounce the words.

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