Monday, 12 July 2010

Merry meet

Allrighty, here goes the first post and hey look at that, it's new moon! Is there any better time to start a new project.. A blog for example? I wasn't even thinking about the moon phases when starting this but it seems that I always end up doing things in the right time, without considering whether it is actually the "right time" (for example, according to moon phases).

I am.. Well I dare to say I am a witch and do witchcraft. I've been very interested in all things occult for all my lifeOld celtic and pagan cultures and believes fascinate me somehow (if you have had these interests that just "somehow" fascinate you, pull you towards them without any particular reason, you know what I'm talking about). Brittish celtic especially, the life of priestesses.  

Ever since I was a child and during my adolescent years I practised fortune telling (as well as a little child could) and all kinds of peculiar stuff (astrology, numerology, palminstry, grafology, herbs, name it!) but it hasn't been but just recently when I proceeded into actual witchcraft wanting to deepen my skills. And since my now already deceased grandpa had "kinetic" abilites (moving things using only his mind, spiritual healing), I've started training them too (I promise to post a video as soon as I get any ressults, it's a long process :p)

Despite my appetency towards all things celtic I don't label myself into the wiccan category, allthough I agree in many of the terms and laws and believes wiccans have. See, for me this's not a religion but just a way I am. I don't feel the need to serve any particular god, goddess or deity or follow certain rituals (though sometimes it might be fun). Nevertheless I welcome all the wiccans and other weirdos here. :) Which leads us to the point why I wanted to make this blog; to make friends, to meet people fascinated by the same things I do, 'cause here where I live there are not many witches, wiccan etc. to interact with. Or at least I haven't succeeded in finding any. Feel free to contact, I don't bite. :)

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