Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Candle magick

This simple spell of mine is the first one I've created and performed.

First gather the energy in a way you feel is rigth for you. Then take a peace of paper (natural paper if possible, parchment etc.) and write down whatever it is you want (with ink, if possible). Imagine your will (the energy!) floating through your hand into the paper, into the words you write. Then spent a moment visualizing your goal - make sure you don't lift the pen up from the paper just yet. Now, when you're ready, fold the paper, light a candle (you may pick the color of the candle according to your goal - such as red or pink for love) and burn the paper in the candle flame. Once burned, gather the ashes and throw them into the wind for to be carried to manifestation. I burned the paper in my sink, so I gathered as much ash as I could and the rest of it I flushed away with water - a good way, if you wanna include all four elements in your magick.

Hope you guys find it usefull! :)

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