Sunday, 1 August 2010

Happy Lughnasadh!

My Lughnasadh greetings to everyone! Hope you enjoy this fest. I bought some peanuts as I'm both very lazy and lousy cook. ;D But who knows, maybe I'll bake something after all.. Since I don't have too many pagan or wiccan or witch friends to share the bread with I was thinking of putting a nut into the bread (and eat it myself of course) and the day I'll find it, is considered very lucky. :)

Oh, and I had something else in mind.. I found this lovely Three Wishes Spell from the internet:



Place 3 candles on the highest place in your home, inside a plate, and surround the candles with sugar. Light the candles. Ask guardian angels, St. Raphael, St. Michael, and St. Gabriel to grant your wishes. Make one wish for business, one for love, and one for the impossible.

On the 3rd day after you make your wishes, publish this spell (by emailing to a friend, posting on an internet group site, or publishing your thanks in a classifed ad).

See what happens on the 4th day........

Thank you St. Raphael, St. Michael, and St. Gabriel!
This's my third day as you had probably already guessed. So let's see what happens tomorrow.. ;)

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