Thursday, 5 August 2010

Magical jewerly

I'm a huge fan of jewerly and at times I get these urges to buy a lot of them. Now I'm mainly talking about gemstones, not the plastic grap they sell in regular stores and malls. Gemstones (as well as minerals) have their very own vibrations and auras and can be used in magical workings plus they're extremely beautifull. When I called the quaters for the first time I used carnelion to represent south. I have a punch of amethysts, two moonstones one of which is a pendant, the carnelion I mentioned, a tiger eye and recently I bought a crystal pendant from an asian couple who tour the world. They're now settled here in Helsinki and can be found from Kamppi. There's this open area in front of the mall and on warm and sunny days they're there selling natural and hand made jewerly. Follow the trumming if you fancy to find them!

I took pictures of my newest "boughtings", here they are:

The pentagram is the one I bought when visiting my home town and the tortoise I bought today. It's aventurine, said to be helpfull in meditation and opening ones energies.

Here are the rest of my babies. :) The Ankh on the left, little crystal kitty I also bought with the tortoise and this extremely beautifull necklace made by the asian man at Kamppi. I bought it together with the crystal necklace you also see here. The first round pearl or stone he said is a grass pea, but I'm not sure if I heard it right 'cause I've never heard there's such a stone. I googled it, but didn't find a stone named "grass pea". And the other stone below the so called grass pea, he didn't know it's origins. He just picked it up from the sea. Nevertheless the handwork is beautifull. And then the bracelet with tinkerbells attached - also made by the asian couple. It's so beutifull and unique! Isn't it? I love it. <3 Please people, at least those who live in Helsinki or near, visit this amazing couple! I highly recommend it. :) 

Yesterday bought a book called  Magical Oils A-Z by Maria Solomon. the book contains at least 1000 different oils and instructs in using them. There're also some spells (mainly candle magick) and recipes. So let's see... Let's see..

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