Saturday, 14 August 2010

Turning Chinese

What's up with me nowadays? For the past two weeks or so I've become more and more drawn to all things chinese (or all things chinese have become more and more drawn to me). This theme just keeps repeating itself again and again and everytime it becomes stronger and stronger. It's everywhere I go. Something chinese comes my way. For example, today I went to a antiquarian bookshop and as I stepped in I noticed there was some kind of chinese theme going on. There were a lot of books about ancient china. I looked at the books while listening the vendor man talking to the phone. "Yeah, the chinese people went.. Yeah, I visited china.. Chinese language..China this, Chinese that.." Just china, china, china! Resounding in my ears.

I get this weird feeling sometimes, about some of the items or pictures, as if it reminds me of something I just can't quite remember. The feeling is wistfull but sometimes at the same time I feel this sadness, depression or even repulsion. It might have something to do with past lives, something that I have to go through now.

I also visited Aurinko Shop at Forum and there were a lot of chinese stuff there that I hadn't noticed before. I couldn't resist the temptation to by a little black dragon statue. It somehow felt so alive. I named it Mushu according to the dragon in the Walt Disney movie Mulan. Now I gotta reed more about ancient china as I came up with this idea to include chinese elements in my magick. :)

Ugh, and I've been such a big spender again (Mushu you better pay yourself back since you insisted me to buy you)..

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