Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Sun King

It seems that I'm turning more and more Wicca. Yesterday the Sun King stepped into my life. Untill now I had only felt the Goddesses presence, this mysterious and soft energy. The God had felt very distant, I wasn't even sure if he existed. But yesterday morning before I went to work I took a walk in the woods for refreshment. The day was cloudy but I could see a little bit of sunlight twinkling behind the clouds. I stopped to look at the clouds. The scene was pretty bible-like actually, as if it was a painting from Michael Angelo. It made me think about the christian god; A man with a beard, kinda like Santa but much more.. I don't know, cold? Judgemental? Just blain dull and old. Desiccated..

I turned my head elsewhere and took a deep breath trying to get in touch with the sun's energies. An image then bumped into my mind. I saw this yellow haired man (not a young boy but not an old man either, about 27 of age) with glimmery eyes smiling widely and outreaching his hand towards me. And I took his hand. After that I felt like I had just made an agreement and somebody had entered my life and was now with me.

When waiting the buss I could feel his loving touch in a gentle breeze on my face and those twinkly eyes still looking at me. Leaving me feeling loved. I now understand the consept between sun and god, He really is like these first rays of sun, gentle and warm, in the early spring melting frosty flora and bringing the whole nature back to life. Just gentle, warm, loving an joyfull.

Even though Wiccans say they worship both the Goddess and God, however it seems that the Goddess is everywhere. I haven't found much material about the Sun God, all the songs and paintings seem to be for the Goddess. Though I see it as a natural reaction for hundrets of years under harsh male domination, I'd still like to hear some song telling about the Sun King. Or a nice picture of this smiling man. Maybe I gotta draw one myself. Oh Gosh, I haven't been drawing in years..

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Autumn Equinox

I wish you all a great Mabon a.k.a Autumn Equinox! Blessed be this land and all it's creatures! 

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Hail to the Dark Lady

Last night was wonderfull. I lied down on the grass by the forest and oh my, I felt the energy rushing in me. Nature's indeed a living creature. I can feel - especially at night time - how alive it is. I felt thousands of eyes staring at me and above all something gentle and calm that's everywhere entwining everything into itself. Yet everything was so silent and still, not even a single breeze rustled the leaves, no birds, nothing. But as I left and said thanks, a small breeze rustled the leaves as if as a resbond. :)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Correllian Wicca

So I bought this book Witch School First Degree written by Donald Lewis-Highcorrell as I have decided to actually study myself to be a wiccan even though that wasn't my first intent. But I'm interested in what I could find by trying. :D Even if I'm not religious that doesn't mean I could not explore and try things.

Also, there's an evergrowing interest in me towards vampires. Right now I'm reading The Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger. Very interesting. She has also written a ritual book for vampires that.. Surprizingly... Has some similarities to wicca especially when it comes to holidays (she only has given them different names). Lady Belanger is also a founder of The House of Kheperu (Google it). The site has very good articles about energies and how they work.

Oh my, again I've so many things to read!