Friday, 5 November 2010

An attack

My little stone circle in the woods had been attacked. No mature damage happened but that was not a nice thing to do.

This morning I went to my regular walk in the woods, threw a coin and a lock of my hair into a pond to strenghten the relationship and to give thanks to water and its spirits as they've let me wash my face many times in the pond. The water makes wonders to my skin. My skin's normally dry but if I wash my face in the pond it becomes soft and dryness is gone. I don't even need any lotions or anything after that! Anyway, I then headed to my stone circle to notice somebody had (at least) been trying to break it down. It was clear that this was no accident - it's not that somebody had accidentally walked in and kicked the rocks. The little rock piles I used to hold the candles and such were somewhat teared down and in the other parts of the circle the rocks were kicked away. My altar had been teared down too. It was made of four rocks holding one big, smooth rock in place. Kinda like a stone table.

I'm quite sure that a child did this even though they don't play so much over there where my circle is. It's not a teen for sure. I haven't seen any teens here, only families with small children. Besides, the altar rock was only dropped few inches away from the rest of the stones which indicates that the attacker had not been able to carry it any further. If it was a teen, the rock would have probably been thrown far away from the whole circle (and the whole circle would have probably been destroyed completely). I'm able to carry the rock even though I'm a small woman, so if the attacker was not able to do the same he or she must be smaller than me - that is: A child.

Why would a child do such a thing? The altar had been touhced once before, but the whole circle was left untouched, it looked more like they had been only playing there leaving respectfully the rest of my art work alone but now there's no doubt that this was done only to violate. Well whoever it was, I took this as a sign to change residence. I've been moving from a flat to another - this one too is only temporary. It's about time for me to find a stable home to settle down somewhere -  finally.

So, guess what kind of a spell is coming next? :)

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  1. It's kind sad that children are damaged your circle, but because we belongs to the minority we are always underdogs in the world... Most of people don't even know what wicca is or, what exactly is the real witchcraft.