Thursday, 18 November 2010

More about power animals

Some more about power animals; Also insects and sea creatures can be power animals, plants and trees are thought to serve as plant spirit guides.

I visited three times the site I gave you at the bottom of the last post and got lioness, rhino and tortoise. I gotta say the discription was very accurate and those qualities are the ones gotta hold on right now. They all had the same theme, goals, strenght and power.

The lioness has the power. Abundance and power are yours, for you are the lioness.

With the lioness energy within you, you will become a great provider, able to go out into the world, successfully meet the challenges of life and bring home the bounty for yourself and your loved ones. There is no need to worry about whether you will succeed, for you are the lioness.

The lioness will bring you the gift of perfect timing. She will teach you when to lie low and blend with the surroundings and when to leap out and go after what you desire. Your intuitive side will strengthen as you develop the skill of sensing what is around you and knowing exactly when to make your move.

The rhino has the strenght as it is stable and strong, he observes carefully, but when he decides to charge, he does so with complete commitment to a successful outcome.

The rhino also gives you a thicker skin so that you won't be bothered by those things that doesn't support you anymore.

The tortoise reaches it's goal no matter what. The tortoise will teach you how to make time work for you. She knows that if you simply put one foot in front of the other and keep moving, you are bound to reach your destination. She is not afraid to set ambitious goals, even seemingly impossible goals, for her patience and tenacity are built upon a deep belief in herself.

And at times of crisis, the tortoise is able to find peace within itself.


Remember to also honor your guide/guides as they sacrifice their time and strenght on you. The most simple way is to say thank you. You may also wish to buy a pendant representing you power animal, or a shirt or even a poster and hang it on your wall to remind you that they're with you.

So, thank you Lioness for being with me, thank you Rhino for being with me, thank you Tortoise for being with me. <3

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