Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Power animals

This is about power animals and/or animal guides, aren't they kinda like a same thing? I have always thought that your current power animal is also your animal guide when you take a journey to the other worlds. Also, the animal acts as a guardian angel giving the person it's inner wisdom and best atributes - what the person needs at that moment.

It is common that power animals change through time. When I was 2-5-years old, I was very fascinated by birds. I think a bird was my very first power animal. I drew a lot as a child and at that time I drew nothing but birds. My parent's were amazed - not only about the fact that their child did nothing but drew birds - but also how accurately I could  actually draw the birds for a such a small child. Then after five years of age I began to grow interest in dogs and wolves, which I also started drawing a lot. Foxes have also been there through my childhood.

Wolves continued to walk with me through puberty years (12-16) and then I started liking cats a lot for a while. I suppose I was about 17-18. And after that I've had this long period without any specific animal fascinating me. Untill yesterday, when I went shopping (again, even though I was supposted to save my money! *Sigh*). I had never liked those animal batterns that are so in right now. I had alway thougt they were revolting but now I decided to try on a jersey with leopard spots. It turned out that I actually liked it and when looking in the mirrow I wondered, that I somehow even look like one. Not to mention that I felt.. "cat beastly". I wear this jersey of mine right now. It's funny when I put it on I also noticed changes in my fysics, the tempo and the way I walked around this place and at times the look on my face in the mirrow is different.
Like a cat beast.

Though, the term is mainly used in shamanic practices, many witches I know acknowledge the existence of these animals. In case you don't know what your power animal is and want to find it, think waht animal has always been or is right now, close to you heart. What animal you feel fascinated about? You can ask the animal appear to you in your dream or you can suddenly find that a certain animal represents itself repeatedly, for example: You happen to watch a TV programme of bears, your boyfriend gives you a teddy bear for a present and takes you out to a pub called "The Dancing Bears" ... and so on. There can also be nore than just one poweranimal at the same time.

Here's a list of most common power animals (http://www.extrasensory-perceptions-guide.com/power-totem-animal.html):

Bear is known for its period of hibernation. Bear can help us with the ability to turn inward to access our strength and honor your nature cycles. He teaches us when it is time to act and when it is time to be still.

Beaver Has an amazing ability to build and create. Beavers can help you solve problems by creating solid solutions

Buffalo /Bison Buffalo brings abundance and healing. The buffalo is sacred to Native American people and no part of him wasted.

Cougar A symbol of power. Cougar teaches you to balance your own. Cougar responds to any challenge with swiftness.

Coyote Is known as the trickster. He calls on us to look truthfully at our selves and our behavior.

Crow a messenger, keeper of sacred law who sees with a unified eye (non-duality)

Deer is alert and a symbol of sensitivity and kindness.

Dolphin Dolphins are messengers between water and sky. They are playful and intelligent. They bring the message of harmony and balance.

Eagle A symbol of freedom and perspective. As a representation of great spirit eagle carries our prayers to the sky. He teaches us to fly.

Elk teaches about stamina, the importance of pacing yourself enabling you to successfully complete your chosen task

Fox Is cunning and clever he moves with the utmost discretion. Fox teaches us to slow down and observe.

Frog Assists with the cleansing of our emotions. With the element of water frog shows us how to start afresh.

Hawk A symbol of observation and awareness.

Horse Represents strength and freedom. Horse teaches us how to use our power gracefully.

Mole Explores below the surface by digging a little deeper therefore he helps us with our subconscious minds. Mole will help you explore the hidden parts of yourself.

Moose  teaches us to be proud of our accomplishments.

Otter Is the master at enjoying life. Otter is playful and chatty. The otter reminds us that play is a important aspect to enjoying our lives fully.

Owl Represents wisdom. Owl has amazing vision bringing the gift of insight.

Rabbit A symbol of fertility. Rabbit help us reveal our hidden talents.

Raven Raven is the messenger from spirit world. He represents mystery

Snake Symbolises transformation and the shedding of ones skin.

Spider Shows us the connection of all life through the power of her web.

Squirrel Is prepared for anything that life may present. They are extremely adaptable and teach us to trust that with preparation our own life will be simple and safe.

Turtle Is protected by her shell. She represents mother earth to some tribes.

Whales Are the record keepers of the ocean. They bring us the gift of telepathy and teach us the value of sound.

Wolf Is a great teacher. He helps you find the answers within yourself. Associated with the moon wolf will help you develop your intuition.

You can also visit this link and follow you intuition: http://www.poweranimalsunleashed.com/creek.htm
(I got the lioness :DDD)

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