Monday, 29 November 2010

Some shoppings and good news

I visited Indian Bazar yesterday and bought this insence called "Night Queen". The scent is, oh, so wonderfull. It's very strong and sweet. Even though I haven't even opened the package yet, the whole room already smells like it. From the magical point of view the plant is perfect for fullmoon rituals, not only because it's extremely feminine and sensual scent, but because it's one of those nocturnal plants that bloom only at night enjoying the moonlight. Unlike most of the plants.

Here's a picture of a white Night Queen:

I managed to get an apartment today and couldn't but smile when noticing an egyptian wallhanging while visiting the apartment and recieving keys...

Also, I'm now reading a book called Ceremonial Magic - The Power Of Evocation written by Joseph Lisiewski (who has at least 40 years of experience in this subject) and there would be no better word to describe this book than "Hard core". The magick in this book is very dark (dark here, does not mean bad but rather forgotten) rennaissance kind of magick as mister L thinks it's the only right way to do magick. This book is very very interesting and goes very deep into the history of grimoires and magick itself all the way back to ancient Egypt and times when Greece took over Egypt which lead to the birth of Hermetic magic system. An old grimoire called Heptameron serves as a basis material of the magick described in this book. As for the entities, if the instructions of the book are followed carefully the practitioner is gonna find him/herself from a situation where a strong feeling that someone's here, or a wind is blowing a little, are no longer valid. We are talking about real fysical manifestation where the spirit is gonna be fysically present in the room, generally using the smoke of the insence to take form. It's gonna be seemingly there, not only in a feeling or in a bizarre supposition or image in your head. 

I will do a summary of this book as soon as I finish reading it (and report my own experiences as soon as I reach enough courage to try - the thing is, if you fail your life is gonna turn, well, into a hell for a while). The summary will appear in finnish.

Oh, and I just turned 21 yesterday. :)

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