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Btw guys, I just noticed I had recieved a message from a woman who was looking for blogs and sites for to be presented in Seita magazine. You know Seita, right? In case you don't, it's the official magazine of the pagan community. I'm very honored that she was interested in my little blog. :)

So, I read through my posts and noticed I've been very unfair to you guys. I talk about egyptian magick, I talk about spells I'm gonna do but then I have left the whole subject leaving you wondering; What exactly did she do?

For example the friendship spell with shamrocks and all. Well, it goes like this (in case you wanna try):

You'll need three shamrocks, a cauldron (or something to burn the shamrokcs in) and matches or a lighter. This is very easy. Burn the shamrocks while chanting "Friend in need is a friend indeed, my soul sister/brother come to me" or whatever you like and feel confortable with. I always think that what spontaneously comes from you is the best thing to do.

As for the egyptian magick, I'll publish a thing called "Opening the mouth" which could be seen similar to wiccan circle casting - but in an ancient egyptian way. So here it goes:


Stand a knife in you hand facing the west. Say:

Un re-a an Ptah, uau netu, uau netu, aru re-a an neter nut-a.

I arefm Djewhty, meh aper em heka, uau netu, uau netu, en Suti sau re-a.

Khesef-tu Tem uten-nef senef sai set.

Un re-a, apu re-a an Shu em nut-ef tui ent baat en pet enti ap-nef re en neteru am-es.

Nuk Sekhet!     Hems-a her kes amt urt aat ent pet.

Nuk Sakhu!     Urt her-ab baiu Annu.

Ar heka neb t'etet neb t'etu er-a sut, aha neteru er-sen paut neteru temtiu


May Ptah give me voice, remove the wrappings! Remove the wrappings which the lesser gods have placed over my mouth.

Come unto me Djewhty, bearer of Heka, full of Heka, remove the wrappings! Remove the wrappings of Suti which fetter my mouth.

May Tem turn back those who would restrain me.

Give me voice! May my mouth be opened by Shu with that divine instrument of iron with which the gods were given voice.

I am Sekhet! I watch over the heaven of the west.

I am Sakhu! I watch over the souls of Annu.

May the gods and their children hear my voice, and resist those who would silence me

Now, draw a vertical line with a dagger into the air and say:


Then turn to the south and do the same thing saying:


Turn to the east, draw the line and say:


Then finally turn to the north, draw the line and say:


I am the flame wich shines upon the Opener of Eternity.


This and some more stuff could be also found from here:
I have had trouble learning Egyptian language since there's no material! I would really like to now how to really pronounce those and not just mumble jumple something...
Also, I never told you about how I came to the Goddess in the firts place. I told you about the Ankh but what I didn't tell you was that for the first time in my life I really felt somebody's presence. I saw feminine figures being carved on one of the Ankhs so I thought back then, that it must have something to do with the Goddess. Soon I found myself calling the goddess Isis. After that I wondered why (like, why not a celtic or a skandinavian one or something much "closer" to me) but now that I think about it, it was very apposite. Afterall, Isis is the goddess of magick and protection. I was just beginning my magical path and also somewhat vulnerable due to inexperience (not that I'm even close to a great magician right now, but certainly I've grown a lot). Back then I pumbed into several situations where haste and anger were pointed towards me, for example on a traintrip back to Helsinki. I went to buy food from the restaurant car and couldn't but notice some very angry stares from the older ladies sitting in the table. I still don't know why, maybe they were Christians and sensed the difference in me. And possibly of those Christian who very much dislike pagans. I however have nothing against Christians (unless they go against me) and believe that if you reject other religions like that, you also reject your own because at heart, all the religions are the same.
Whoa, this turned out very long!

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