Sunday, 26 December 2010

Back To Business

The whole house is full of Goddess's presence again. I did a little of witching. I asked the Goddess to free me from my doubts and selfcritisism. I know she heard me. :) I feel lot better and tuned again. The energy is back running up my legs (like it used to be). I have been working a lot and therefore been so - how would I put it - secular. I've been in a need of money - lot's of it - and I have had no time to my witchlife. But it's nice that everything is back to "normal" right now (normal to me is when odd things start happen again).

And yes, the summary will be coming, just be patient...

Monday, 20 December 2010

A Brief Update..

I bougth this beautifull female statue from Frida (Sörnäinen) today.

It doesn't look so good in the picture than it does for real.

I also bought three horseshoes (???), and have no idea why. Just followed my intuition again.

So it's Yuleday tomorrow. I have to admit that - afterall - I've been waiting for Yule more than Samhain. Samhain is officially the pagan new year but somehow for me it's Yule. Maybe it's because Yule is about tranformation. New beginnings. A new chapter is about to start in your life. It makes me excited. I love endings, though sometimes they're wistful, bittersweet or even sad. But endings also bring new beginnings and I'm always excited to see what life has in store for me. :))

This Yuleday I have work untill eight or nine o'clock, blah. I guess I'll just relax afterwards. I might be too tired to perform any spell.


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A look into my stuff

This fellow is hanging on my living room wall right next to door. It wellcomes all my friends but eats everybody I don't like. :)

This's hanging on my window, the pentagram is all that is left from Miwia's Yule present (it was very sugary and yummy).

                                      My shell where I keep most of the stuff. The deities' candles, a plate and a goblet, incense sticks, cauldron, Mushu, oils and a little bottle of rose water.

                                          My goddess and god candles. Found from Indian Bazar.


             My plate and and my goblet, used in rituals. Found from Frida
- the flea market.

My oil collection;
Ylang ylang: A very sensual oil, similar to Jasmine.
Rose; For love magick. Also great for couperotic skin.
Patchouli: An all-purpose oil (attracts things). Generally used
in love magick as well as for prosperity.
Clove: For love, lust, passion. Very warming oil.
Rosewood: For meditation. Calming. Can also be used in space clearing.
Cinnamon: For physic abilities. Increases focus and therefore aids in
Palmarosa: Healing, spiritual cleansing (helps to let go of the past), love
Lemon: Energizing (I have used it for space clearing also), for full moon rituals
and love spells
Peppermint: Refreshing, purification, focus, beneficial for health, healing
Fennel: Healing, protection
Orange: Cheering, for to gain confidence

And last but not least: My little deer. I use it as an insence holder
but originally I guess it was meant to hold candles. Found from Frida.
The bowl is from indian Bazar (surprizingly..).

So that's all folks, for today. By the way, I hope you a magical upcoming Yule since it's going to be also a fullmoon night. A Sabbath-Esbath. :)

Monday, 13 December 2010

A spell for a new job

I performed a spell for a new job last week since I'm getting bored with McDonald's. I used this little voodoo doll of mine that I bought from Cruel Age (Kamppi). I used a green candle as a representative to my new job and black candle as a symbol of endings. I anointed the g´reen candle with selfmade oil; I mixed dried dill and ginger together with etheric geranium oil into a vegetable oil base. Dill is for prosperity as well as ginger and geranium oil is said to bring success in new projects (which in my case is finding a better job).

I took a hair of mine and tied it around the little doll's neck to connect it with my energies. I put those two candles on the kitchen table about 40 sentimeters apart. I kindled first the black and then the green one and put the little doll next to the black candle at first. I sat down and when the moment felt rigth, moved the doll a bit toward the green candle. I moved the doll three times untill it reached it's goal and left it to lie there untill the whole candle had burned. After that I put the doll into my bag.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


I added a new gadget named "Schools" and put two links in there. The second one, "Witch School International" is the one I started with. It's an online pagan/witch/wicca school. There are courses you can take part online. Some videos and exercises are also available on youtube (type in "wicca first ( or second or third) class lesson 1 (or 2 or 3). So you'll find Reverend Don and his awsome educational videos! He really knows his stuff.

The first school (Viiskannan koulu - The Pentagram School or Charmed Pentagram)  is the one I'm going to attend soon when it starts again. I figured I gotta study more about herbs - been too lazy. It's easier for me to learn in an enviroment like school, I have an audio memory which means that I remember things I've been told rather than things I've read. I do read, but the best way for me is definately to go to some institute of learning. So, for once, I'm looking forward to go to school. :D