Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A look into my stuff

This fellow is hanging on my living room wall right next to door. It wellcomes all my friends but eats everybody I don't like. :)

This's hanging on my window, the pentagram is all that is left from Miwia's Yule present (it was very sugary and yummy).

                                      My shell where I keep most of the stuff. The deities' candles, a plate and a goblet, incense sticks, cauldron, Mushu, oils and a little bottle of rose water.

                                          My goddess and god candles. Found from Indian Bazar.


             My plate and and my goblet, used in rituals. Found from Frida
- the flea market.

My oil collection;
Ylang ylang: A very sensual oil, similar to Jasmine.
Rose; For love magick. Also great for couperotic skin.
Patchouli: An all-purpose oil (attracts things). Generally used
in love magick as well as for prosperity.
Clove: For love, lust, passion. Very warming oil.
Rosewood: For meditation. Calming. Can also be used in space clearing.
Cinnamon: For physic abilities. Increases focus and therefore aids in
Palmarosa: Healing, spiritual cleansing (helps to let go of the past), love
Lemon: Energizing (I have used it for space clearing also), for full moon rituals
and love spells
Peppermint: Refreshing, purification, focus, beneficial for health, healing
Fennel: Healing, protection
Orange: Cheering, for to gain confidence

And last but not least: My little deer. I use it as an insence holder
but originally I guess it was meant to hold candles. Found from Frida.
The bowl is from indian Bazar (surprizingly..).

So that's all folks, for today. By the way, I hope you a magical upcoming Yule since it's going to be also a fullmoon night. A Sabbath-Esbath. :)

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