Saturday, 4 December 2010


I added a new gadget named "Schools" and put two links in there. The second one, "Witch School International" is the one I started with. It's an online pagan/witch/wicca school. There are courses you can take part online. Some videos and exercises are also available on youtube (type in "wicca first ( or second or third) class lesson 1 (or 2 or 3). So you'll find Reverend Don and his awsome educational videos! He really knows his stuff.

The first school (Viiskannan koulu - The Pentagram School or Charmed Pentagram)  is the one I'm going to attend soon when it starts again. I figured I gotta study more about herbs - been too lazy. It's easier for me to learn in an enviroment like school, I have an audio memory which means that I remember things I've been told rather than things I've read. I do read, but the best way for me is definately to go to some institute of learning. So, for once, I'm looking forward to go to school. :D

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