Monday, 13 December 2010

A spell for a new job

I performed a spell for a new job last week since I'm getting bored with McDonald's. I used this little voodoo doll of mine that I bought from Cruel Age (Kamppi). I used a green candle as a representative to my new job and black candle as a symbol of endings. I anointed the g´reen candle with selfmade oil; I mixed dried dill and ginger together with etheric geranium oil into a vegetable oil base. Dill is for prosperity as well as ginger and geranium oil is said to bring success in new projects (which in my case is finding a better job).

I took a hair of mine and tied it around the little doll's neck to connect it with my energies. I put those two candles on the kitchen table about 40 sentimeters apart. I kindled first the black and then the green one and put the little doll next to the black candle at first. I sat down and when the moment felt rigth, moved the doll a bit toward the green candle. I moved the doll three times untill it reached it's goal and left it to lie there untill the whole candle had burned. After that I put the doll into my bag.

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