Sunday, 27 February 2011


This a brief one. I just moved, so I've been busy. But every once in a while I've stopped and listened the inevitably approaching spring. Spring is my favorite month. I love it when everything starts to bloom again.Starts living again.

I'm currently reading Janet & Stewart Farrar's The Witches Bible

And up next I'm going to read this one:

It has big and heavy. And it has everything about magick. Not just wicca but all kinds of magick there is and has been. Bought it from Unio Mystica.

And wellcome new readers!! <3

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Happy Esbat

I've been really busy since I have to arrange everything before moving to a new apartment (A Villa to be correct). Yep, the very same I told you about in the last post. Somehow hotmail had lost the messages I had sent but it's all okay now. But I have to get somebody to move here for one month before I can move awa,y otherwise I have to pay the rent of this apartment AND the villa, and also the rent deposit.. Oh, and I have to try to decide where to go study and start to prepare for the exams. I'm totally done with McDonald's!

I just finished my fullmoon ritual. This time the God's candle flame went crazy (I couldn't get it on tape 'cause I was in the circle and by the time I had gotten my camera on my hands the flame had returned normal). The Goddess's was all calm. This has probably something to do with my creativity enlivening, again. I'm seriously considering if I'd aply to study dance, even though I'm a former ballroom dancer and don't have so much experience of jazz or conterary dance (which are demanded in dance academies).

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Spell For Contact

I applied for an apartment (or more accurately, a room from a apartment) and I was asked to come to look at the room and give some examples when I'm free to come (I have work ya know). I did as asked, but didn't get anything back from the woman renting the room. That pisses me off, 'cause if she decided she don't want to rent it for me, then she should inform me! So I made this spell last night. A spell for contact. In this spell you'll need a string, as long as you like, a piece of paper and scissors. Also, a green color pencil would be great but is not a necessity.

Create a circle (if you use one). Calm down, relax, center yourself. Then write the person's name you want to contact on the piece of paper. Make a little whole on the paper and bind it to the string. Write the person's name on the paper. Then, while concentrating on the person and the fact that he/she must contact you, roll the string around your finger untill the paper is on your hand.

And you're done. I like to keep things simple. :)

Oh and a new reader, wellcome! <3

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Happy Imbolc!

Have a blessed Imbolc everybody!

Briefly Imbolc is about ever increasing light and creativity. As for myself, I blessed my "dance socks" or "toe undies", that are used in dancing so that the skin on the feet would not suffer. I tucked two of the three horse shoes I have, into the undies for luck.

Also, last night I had this dream I gave birth to a pink haired beautifull little girl. She grew up very quickly though, and then her hair was partly white, pink and green.

And we have a new reader. From the bottom of my heart: Wellcome! <3