Thursday, 17 February 2011

Happy Esbat

I've been really busy since I have to arrange everything before moving to a new apartment (A Villa to be correct). Yep, the very same I told you about in the last post. Somehow hotmail had lost the messages I had sent but it's all okay now. But I have to get somebody to move here for one month before I can move awa,y otherwise I have to pay the rent of this apartment AND the villa, and also the rent deposit.. Oh, and I have to try to decide where to go study and start to prepare for the exams. I'm totally done with McDonald's!

I just finished my fullmoon ritual. This time the God's candle flame went crazy (I couldn't get it on tape 'cause I was in the circle and by the time I had gotten my camera on my hands the flame had returned normal). The Goddess's was all calm. This has probably something to do with my creativity enlivening, again. I'm seriously considering if I'd aply to study dance, even though I'm a former ballroom dancer and don't have so much experience of jazz or conterary dance (which are demanded in dance academies).

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