Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Spell For Contact

I applied for an apartment (or more accurately, a room from a apartment) and I was asked to come to look at the room and give some examples when I'm free to come (I have work ya know). I did as asked, but didn't get anything back from the woman renting the room. That pisses me off, 'cause if she decided she don't want to rent it for me, then she should inform me! So I made this spell last night. A spell for contact. In this spell you'll need a string, as long as you like, a piece of paper and scissors. Also, a green color pencil would be great but is not a necessity.

Create a circle (if you use one). Calm down, relax, center yourself. Then write the person's name you want to contact on the piece of paper. Make a little whole on the paper and bind it to the string. Write the person's name on the paper. Then, while concentrating on the person and the fact that he/she must contact you, roll the string around your finger untill the paper is on your hand.

And you're done. I like to keep things simple. :)

Oh and a new reader, wellcome! <3

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