Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Book of Shadows

I bought this beautifull blank book from Indian Bazar and it's going to be my BOS as soon as I finish copying the information I've collected from the crappy old notebook into this one.

Sorry for the lack of update, but I'm exhausted with the up coming exams of the universities. :/

Oh, I almost forgot I had to recommend you this book:

I borrowed it from the library a while ago. Here's the describtion in finnish:

Testaa itsesi: Afrodite, Athene, Selene ja muut antiikin Kreikan 16 jumalatarta astuvat modernin elämän näyttämöille tavalla, joka koskettaa jokaista naista. Kuka sinä olet? Pääset selville omasta jumalatartyypistäsi, kun teet kirjassa olevan JPCA®-testin ja luet laajan kuvauksen profiilistasi. Tutustut itseesi uudelleen ja opit ymmärtämään paremmin muita. Jokainen nainen syntyy jumalattareksi, ainutkertaiseksi ihmiseksi.

I first thought the book would be one of those "gooey" ones this world is full of. You know, like the shallow stuff all the womens magazines tell you over and over again. Glitz and glamour. However the book caught my attention because there were goddesses I had not read before. So I decided to take the test and was surprized by the ressult which was not what I had expected at all.

I got Afrodite, the goddess of love as everybody probably knows. I had never ever thought myself as Afrodite, for some reason. The describtion was pretty accurate only with few exeptions. For example, the book claimed women like that are constantly in complicated love affairs and get crushes easily. I'm not like that. I don't fall in love easily and have never been in a relationship. But I can cleary see the connection between me and the goddess Afrodite now. The way I comunicate.. The music I listen (which is mostly latin beats, flamenco, music with a warm sound and melody). And of course I'm a huge lover of latin dances.

There was also this goddess called Hebe - the goddess of youth  - which I felt was very close to what I actually am. There're only one or two points between Afrodite and Hebe in my result. I totally agree in what is said in Hebe's description. hebe though, is concidered as Afrodite's "periliminary level".

Who knows, maybe someday this:

.. turns into this:


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