Saturday, 30 April 2011

Beltaine blessings and stuff

Goddess's flame is smoking again. I got it on tape, but didn't realize that I hold the camera in a way which makes the video show wrong way around for you guys. Anyway, I suppose you're able to see the sream of smoke it's sending.

And hey! It's Beltaine! My favorite pagan holyday. Beltaine also starts my favorite month of the whole year; May. I love May. Just everything about it. When it's not summer and hot just yet. When everything is so fresh, so alive!

For pagans and wiccans Beltaine is about the mating of the young God and the maiden Goddess. It is a fertility festival and once again, like on Samhain, the veil between the worlds is thin. This enables us to see the future or contact our loved once that have already passed away and seek their guidance. Love, fertility and prosperity spells are common at this time of the year.

This morning was very beautifull. While braiding my hair (braids symbolize rejoinment/unification - therefore they are accociated with Beltaine) I heard the little girl who lives downstairs, playing a flute. She played so beautifully. I don't know the song but it sounded a bit celtic - a perfect Beltaine song. The melody was joyous and oh, so springy. :)

I then headed to the forest (here in Vuosaari there's A LOT of forest <3) to give a little gift to the nature. Oat flakes. Somehow in my mind they make a perfect Beltaine offering though some might think they're more like Lughnasadh stuff..

I also took a walk yesterday evening. I walked beside the forests and then the fields. The scene was similar to something forgotten but still living in me. I could almost see the bonfires and the people gathered around them so long ago. I want those times back! And I want a white flax (fin. Pellava) dress.
 Anyways, whithout more ado, have a very blessed Beltaine!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Past lives

I strongly believe in reincarnation. I have had many moments of "almost remembering" but mostly they come up to me as feelings or even as scents. For example, once I saw this picture of Britain that reminded me from something I could almost remember and I could feel and almost smell how it was there back then. But I just can't remember them. I've been trying self regression (because seeing a therapist would be too expensive), but haven't succeeded by this far. Though, in one session I got this feeling december would be somehow a significant month.

I found this video from YouTube, "Tips on remembering past lives". They're really fun!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The ritual is now done. Phew! It was alot of sneaking around since I had to do it in a another (totally empty) room across the hallway (there's not enough space in my room to create a circle). I had to carry my stuff without raising suspicions in case somebody would see me. But I survived!

So as you probably remember, my goal was to connect the goddess Afrodite more better.

Here're some pictures of my "Altar Of Afrodite".

Rose inscense of course..

A candle-thingy with a greek-design holder.

Apple, the fruit of Afrodite.

I made my own "Afrodite Annointing Oil" on a coconut oil base.

You'll need:

Coconut/olive/almond/whatever basic vegetable oil
Etheric Cinnamon oil (fin. kaneli)
Etheric clove oil (fin. Neilikka)
Etheric rose oil

Mix them together!

All of the following plants are associated with Afrodite.

This time I created the circle by dancing. :) There's not much need to go into detail here about the actual ritual. Let's see what are the consequences. ;)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The most psychedelic dream ever

I have a vivid dream life and mostly it's very physical. As if I was awake. And when dreaming I always think it happens for real untill some crazy incident that makes me realize it's just a dream. And then I do whatever I want. I have lucid dreams regularly. Once I even fell asleep being concious of it at the same time.

But last night, or should I say morning (it was around 6-9 am), I had the most psychedelic dream experience. I'm not sure of it, but part of the "dream" might have not been a dream but something else.

I had waken up before six because of the noise coming from downstairs. Annoyed, I put earplugs on hoping I could sleep at least 'till noon. I did fall asleep. And here's what happened: I can't remember anything about the dream I had before this but at one point I guess I was about to wake up when a woman came to me saying:

"No don't go, come here.." Pulling me, not towards, but into herself.
"..come here..yes that's it.." With those words, pulling me into her body. I suppose, I'm not sure where exactly I went but I was fluid, like liquid. In a way she was like energy too. You know, even in a dream, you're in you body walking around, seeing crazy things in your eyes.. but at that moment it wasn't like that anymore. I left my dream body. It felt like blending liquids into one another. I was liquid blending into another liquid. I was inside her, in whiteness. I spent some time there and after a while decided to leave.

Leaving however wasn't that easy. I got stuck. I opened my right eye but couldn't open the left one. No matter how much I tried. I also felt that half of me was still stuck inside. But with my right eye I could see that now I was in a dream again. I saw one of the black cat's that belong to this girl who lives here too. I was in a tropical rainforest and spent the rest of the time trying to get myself out as a whole.

I can't remember how I eventually managed to get myself out. Or the moment I woke up. But now that I think back the thoughts I had before I fell asleep... I had asked the Goddess to help me sleep (I have had trouble to get some good night sleeps for months, constantly waking up) and then I went through the names of the goddesses accociated with sleeping and the last thought of mine, that I remember, was "Psyche".

And you know the rest.

EDIT: I have been very attracted to butterflies recently and have accepted them as my current power animals. However, I just googled Psyche and found out that her name also means "butterfly".

Saturday, 2 April 2011

There seems to be some xtra money on my bank account again. Nearly 2000 euros which means my salary must have been at least 600 euros. The thing is, it's not has been a salary day and is not about to be in near future. Well, I did do a small "easy money and quick" spell about a week ago. I didn't use any equipment, I only created a psi ball (an energy ball between my hands) concentrating on my goal. And after a while let it go.

From this sucject to a next one. Yesterday I bought this beautifull rose from a flower store:

I'm working on a ritual to connect with Afrodite more better. This flower of course is gonna be part of it. But I'm gonna tell you more about it when it's done. :)