Saturday, 30 April 2011

Beltaine blessings and stuff

Goddess's flame is smoking again. I got it on tape, but didn't realize that I hold the camera in a way which makes the video show wrong way around for you guys. Anyway, I suppose you're able to see the sream of smoke it's sending.

And hey! It's Beltaine! My favorite pagan holyday. Beltaine also starts my favorite month of the whole year; May. I love May. Just everything about it. When it's not summer and hot just yet. When everything is so fresh, so alive!

For pagans and wiccans Beltaine is about the mating of the young God and the maiden Goddess. It is a fertility festival and once again, like on Samhain, the veil between the worlds is thin. This enables us to see the future or contact our loved once that have already passed away and seek their guidance. Love, fertility and prosperity spells are common at this time of the year.

This morning was very beautifull. While braiding my hair (braids symbolize rejoinment/unification - therefore they are accociated with Beltaine) I heard the little girl who lives downstairs, playing a flute. She played so beautifully. I don't know the song but it sounded a bit celtic - a perfect Beltaine song. The melody was joyous and oh, so springy. :)

I then headed to the forest (here in Vuosaari there's A LOT of forest <3) to give a little gift to the nature. Oat flakes. Somehow in my mind they make a perfect Beltaine offering though some might think they're more like Lughnasadh stuff..

I also took a walk yesterday evening. I walked beside the forests and then the fields. The scene was similar to something forgotten but still living in me. I could almost see the bonfires and the people gathered around them so long ago. I want those times back! And I want a white flax (fin. Pellava) dress.
 Anyways, whithout more ado, have a very blessed Beltaine!

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