Sunday, 3 April 2011

The most psychedelic dream ever

I have a vivid dream life and mostly it's very physical. As if I was awake. And when dreaming I always think it happens for real untill some crazy incident that makes me realize it's just a dream. And then I do whatever I want. I have lucid dreams regularly. Once I even fell asleep being concious of it at the same time.

But last night, or should I say morning (it was around 6-9 am), I had the most psychedelic dream experience. I'm not sure of it, but part of the "dream" might have not been a dream but something else.

I had waken up before six because of the noise coming from downstairs. Annoyed, I put earplugs on hoping I could sleep at least 'till noon. I did fall asleep. And here's what happened: I can't remember anything about the dream I had before this but at one point I guess I was about to wake up when a woman came to me saying:

"No don't go, come here.." Pulling me, not towards, but into herself.
"..come here..yes that's it.." With those words, pulling me into her body. I suppose, I'm not sure where exactly I went but I was fluid, like liquid. In a way she was like energy too. You know, even in a dream, you're in you body walking around, seeing crazy things in your eyes.. but at that moment it wasn't like that anymore. I left my dream body. It felt like blending liquids into one another. I was liquid blending into another liquid. I was inside her, in whiteness. I spent some time there and after a while decided to leave.

Leaving however wasn't that easy. I got stuck. I opened my right eye but couldn't open the left one. No matter how much I tried. I also felt that half of me was still stuck inside. But with my right eye I could see that now I was in a dream again. I saw one of the black cat's that belong to this girl who lives here too. I was in a tropical rainforest and spent the rest of the time trying to get myself out as a whole.

I can't remember how I eventually managed to get myself out. Or the moment I woke up. But now that I think back the thoughts I had before I fell asleep... I had asked the Goddess to help me sleep (I have had trouble to get some good night sleeps for months, constantly waking up) and then I went through the names of the goddesses accociated with sleeping and the last thought of mine, that I remember, was "Psyche".

And you know the rest.

EDIT: I have been very attracted to butterflies recently and have accepted them as my current power animals. However, I just googled Psyche and found out that her name also means "butterfly".

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