Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The ritual is now done. Phew! It was alot of sneaking around since I had to do it in a another (totally empty) room across the hallway (there's not enough space in my room to create a circle). I had to carry my stuff without raising suspicions in case somebody would see me. But I survived!

So as you probably remember, my goal was to connect the goddess Afrodite more better.

Here're some pictures of my "Altar Of Afrodite".

Rose inscense of course..

A candle-thingy with a greek-design holder.

Apple, the fruit of Afrodite.

I made my own "Afrodite Annointing Oil" on a coconut oil base.

You'll need:

Coconut/olive/almond/whatever basic vegetable oil
Etheric Cinnamon oil (fin. kaneli)
Etheric clove oil (fin. Neilikka)
Etheric rose oil

Mix them together!

All of the following plants are associated with Afrodite.

This time I created the circle by dancing. :) There's not much need to go into detail here about the actual ritual. Let's see what are the consequences. ;)

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