Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Have A Happy Esbat!

Have a nice fullmoon night folks! I'm lucky to be able to see the moon through my window shining down into my room. :) I was at work last night but still decided to do a little ritual. I had to, the moon was so beautifull.

I already have told you that my chakras have been openening themselves since last summer. Nothing much has come from it by this far, except that I fysically feel energies in places such as metro, train, tram or even busses. Very much in places with a lot of electricity. Especially metros. Mostly it feels like sparks coming up my legs. It might tickle. But last summer when it started it was like crazy. I felt sparks and those that I call "erruptions" almost all the time, everywhere in my body. And the crown chakra tickled a lot. There was also this third energy thing that I call "worms" 'cause it feels like worms are climing up your leg under your skin.

But now it's much better. I sleep better, thank goddess.  I still occasionally feel this "churr" on top of my head (which I guess, has to do with my crown chakra). And, well, the sparks in places with a lot of electricity. Mostly during waxing moon, I feel a bit more sparks and not just in metros or busses but everywhere and even in some other parts of my body than just legs. That's when I know the moon is waxing again without seeing it or looking at the calendar.

But the most funniest thing is that, the energy is at it's strongest when the moon is half full and half dark. Not when it's completely full. I don't know why. But this I have noticed. I have many times thought it's fullmoon already, when the energy is running wild in my body but as I have checked this, it has only been half way full. *confusion*

But now I'm hungry.. Gonna go eating.. :)

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