Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Past life regression attempt

I attempted a past life regression again with the help of Youtube. It was a good regression record but the fact that Youtube keeps on stopping and loading every once in a while... that disturbed me to some degree. BUT I got something - was it my imagination or real, I'm not sure, I didn't actually see so clearly but the therapist asked some questions that helped. I seemed to be very sure about my name though, which was Isabelle. I've had this name come to me before in this same regression, but last time the story of my life was pretty much imagination (such a cliche). Of that I'm sure. It didn't feel like it, real I mean. I did this back in 2007 or 2008.

It's my favorite regression and made me relax quite well.. So the therapist was asking question like "What year is it, where are you, have you any family etc..". I got the year 1847, that was the first one to pop into my mind when asked. For the place I got Southern France but then again I'm not sure.. Isabelle was a serious, blond haired(I looked into the mirror to see myself only with one exeption; blond hair) girl. She worked in a grocery shop. Metal cans somehow popped into my mind.. Isabelle herself didn't like to talk much about herself, especially when asked something she would answer very shortly with only one word if possible. When I was asked if I had family I had this feeling like I didn't have any. Absolutely nobody. And she/I didn't seem to be sad about this (however she wasn't happy either), she had more like accepted this fact, that she'd be on her own. She used to have this a bit of a wary look in her eyes. As if she was waiting for questions to be asked from her. Some gentlemen who visited the store, found her very fascinating because of this (her quietness about herself), she however didn't like to be asked questions about herself.

I have this somewhat "funny" scene in my head about Isabelle and dark haired boy who obviously was interested in the girl. And Isabelle, and the look her face when the boy steps into the store! Isabelle knows there's gonna be questions again but she can't really stop them from coming.. oh the look on her face is priceless. ;D

Even though Isabelle's nature is very different from mine I do recognize myself in her. I do avoid questions that I consider too personal. In fact it is very difficult for me to speak about myself. Unless I'm asked, and then and only then I can give you answers but, like Isabelle, my answer is very short and leaves the asker often to feel unsatisfied and want to know more. Some more sensitive people however leave the subject as they sense my self-consciousness.

I had a feeling like Isabelle was an orphan, but I don't know who did she manage to avoid the prostitution and end up in store..?

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