Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Sun is about to reach it's peak and prepares to wane. The days are longer than nights - for this one and last time. Fairyfolk is also celebrating and abounding so it's a good time to try to communicate with them. Traditionally food is left outside as an offering.

I found a wonderfull and beautifull tree from the forest yesterday. I'm gonna visit her this evening and leave the food there. Maybe trying to see a fairy or the like. ;) Also burning a candle and sandalwood inscense. Very simple.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Couple days ago I walked in Kamppi and decided to ask for a job from a random antique store. Well, they didn't need me but I got a hint that a vintage clothing store on "Freda" could use some help. I went to stop by but the store was closed. However I noticed a dance supply store next to it and since I'm a dancer, I tought that might be a perfect place for me! I bumped in and asked for a job. They said I came just in time 'cause they're actually looking for new workers right now. They gave me the adress where to sent my application and now I'm hoping to get an invitation to the interview! :D

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Thinkin' of getting a new job

I feel like I'm done with McDonald's now. I've had to put up with it already almost a year, so now it's time to finally make a change. I want a job that I can fit on my schedule. For example, I'd love to work for example in those little boutiques that open at 9am and close at 4 or 5pm so that I'd have rest of the day off. Loosing most of my stuff in the fire, I have to go back to basics in witchcraft. I always try to avoid all the stuff and keep things simple but during the year I had collected maybe a bit too much items.. for my first aim was to keep it simple and not to cling on materia (mainly because of my unsteady lifestyle). My aim was to be able to do a spell anywhere without any equipment I'd have to carry along except those I can just pick from the ground. I remember reading about this wonderfull "rock-pile-spell" (perfect one, if you're a Voyager Witchling like myself) one day and this is what I am gonna try next:

Cairn Magick Wish Spell

This is something that can be done, alone, on a walk in the countryside, with no extra magical 'tools' or paraphernalia. It is simple magic and down to earth paganism. It can be applied for any need, but is particularly suitable for 'earthy' needs, such as money, housing, jobs, healing.

Take one stone, and speak (or 'think') into it your need. Place the stone firmly on the ground. Take another and repeat, until you have a fair sized mound, or Cairn. As each stone is placed, imagine that the magic is building and that your need is getting nearer to being met. If you have no stones, you can still do this with imaginary stones, or pebbles, or whatever else seems right at the particular moment.

Found here: http://www.everythingunderthemoon.net/spells/cairn-magick-wish-spell.htm