Saturday, 30 July 2011

Luciding again

I have to record this here since I don't have a dream journal. I saw a lucid dream last night again. First I tought it was happening for real as it was again very physical but when I suddenly found myself from my old childhood home I realized it had to be a dream. It was getting dark, I gazed at the stars from the window of my room. The cosmos was so beautifull but somehow I was horrified of the fact that it was getting dark. I didn't want to spent a night alone in the house so I bit myself to wake up. I remember telling myself inside my head "Come on, you have shift consciousness, you have to shift consciousness!". I don't know why I was so scared, after all, it was my dream and in my control. Now I just feel stupid 'cause could have done anything in it!

Also, I've moved into lesson two in the book "Modern Magick".


I'm working on a Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, also known as LBRP. I note that I feel much somehow purified and lighter after the ritual. The second part was quite a bite for me as it introduced me to Kabbalah and it's history. I'm so proud of myself as I forced myself to study it through and didn't give up. Kabbalah and Hebrew for me was very complicated (it was quite frankly "Hebrew" for me, as we say in Finland if there's something you just don't understand). And my family is not religious so therefore I don't have a Christian upbringing: So my lousy knowledge about Bible didn't help either.
But I did study what was given in the book. :D Yay for me!

Saturday, 23 July 2011


I've been planning to take a tattoo for myself. Just a small one..

I was thinking of ankh since I relate to that symbol much better than for example - a pentagram.

Here's one I found very pretty:

And underneath it could read: Eternal Life or something like that. I was planning to take it under my belly. ;)

This one's also quite nice and simple :(wihtout the black background)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Full moon spells

Fullmoon greetings everybody!

On this full moon I decided to try a sinple spell that I found from a book called The Nice Girl's Book Of Naughty Spells. Picture below ---->

The spell is about bringing your future lover into your dream or a sign about him/her. The book, though, tells you to do this during new moon but in my opinion full moon is just as good time to do divinationary things as is the new moon. The spell goes as following:

You'll need peppermint inscence, a piece of liquorice and a bowl of water. Light the inscence, breath in few times so that you feel concentrated. Drop the liquorice into the bowl. Ask your to be able to see your lover's face in your dream. Likewise, you can ask guidance how to find him/her. Place the bowl somewhere near you while you sleep.
And that's it. :)

I saw several dreams, none of which included a face that could belong to my future lover. I slept very restlessly so maybe I couldn't go deep enough into the dream state. :/ But I hope you have better luck!

About the rock-pile-job spell I did some time ago.. Since then I've come across several opportunities for jobs. Too bad that now I don't know wether to go study or to have a job. If I don't go studying there's a less chance that I could ever get into univercities. I don't now what to do! Besides, I'm going to audicion in a musical as a dancer and possibly as an actress (but for that I would have to know how to sing..). If I had a job and if I happened to be accepted in the musical, it'd be very difficult to try to combain those two. If I'd study, I would be able to skip courses.. But I don't know what to study or where. There are so few things that really interest me.. And if I don't accept the job possibilities I'm given right now I might regret it later when I really need the money. D:

Friday, 1 July 2011

About the fire

My friend was very surprised how calm I could concidering the fact that I had lost almost all my stuff in the fire. She said she could never ever live without her's. I'm actually quite glad I got a change to really - in a way - purify myself. The fire also happened during dark moon, which symbolizes new beginnings.

I've been thinking wether this was Karma or not, I'm pretty sure this was something that we all chose to experience together. I can't be mad to the one who burned himself and the house, I see it was his duty in this life. He was still a good man, I know. He cared a lot about the world and people and sometimes seeing all the pain in the world just was too much for him. Also good things came out of the accident. We are know stronger than ever, as a group even though we don't live together anymore but this bond that we share now is something that is unbreakable.

Not to mention all so called "supernatural" involving the accident. First: My fobia as a child for burning to death. Second, T's (I use letters coverin the people living there) amazingly strong De Ja Vu experience when he saw the flames (it makes me think, maybe we we burned alive in some of our past lives), third: On the morning of the accident a bit before it happened , M, who was at his mom's at the time saw a nightmare where he burned to death. When he woke up he smelled gasoline though there was no gasoline anywhere. K was at work and they had a fire which then prooved to be a false alarm (she later was informed about a real one at her house).

Here's a picture of the burning house:

Yksi ihminen kuoli vanhan puuhuvilan Villa Furumon tulipalossa Helsingin Vuosaaressa 28.5.2011. Kuvaaja: Sanni Luokkanen.