Friday, 1 July 2011

About the fire

My friend was very surprised how calm I could concidering the fact that I had lost almost all my stuff in the fire. She said she could never ever live without her's. I'm actually quite glad I got a change to really - in a way - purify myself. The fire also happened during dark moon, which symbolizes new beginnings.

I've been thinking wether this was Karma or not, I'm pretty sure this was something that we all chose to experience together. I can't be mad to the one who burned himself and the house, I see it was his duty in this life. He was still a good man, I know. He cared a lot about the world and people and sometimes seeing all the pain in the world just was too much for him. Also good things came out of the accident. We are know stronger than ever, as a group even though we don't live together anymore but this bond that we share now is something that is unbreakable.

Not to mention all so called "supernatural" involving the accident. First: My fobia as a child for burning to death. Second, T's (I use letters coverin the people living there) amazingly strong De Ja Vu experience when he saw the flames (it makes me think, maybe we we burned alive in some of our past lives), third: On the morning of the accident a bit before it happened , M, who was at his mom's at the time saw a nightmare where he burned to death. When he woke up he smelled gasoline though there was no gasoline anywhere. K was at work and they had a fire which then prooved to be a false alarm (she later was informed about a real one at her house).

Here's a picture of the burning house:

Yksi ihminen kuoli vanhan puuhuvilan Villa Furumon tulipalossa Helsingin Vuosaaressa 28.5.2011. Kuvaaja: Sanni Luokkanen.

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