Monday, 22 August 2011

A dream worth to record

Here goes another dream that I think is worth of recording here.

I was visiting Russia, a house near The Palace. The house was made of brick and it had a balcony - those that are the shape of an arc. Inside the house were servants or workers and tourists. But one part of the house was destricted (among the room, where the balcony was). And that's where I went. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust. The floor in front of the balcony sank dreadfully under my feet. I still remember the feeling, it was so vivid. I think I was looking for something, but don't know what.

I heard people coming, and I had to hide myself to the balcony so that they would not discover me (after all I wasn't supposted to be there). I heard them coming to the balcony where I was hiding. I thought about jumping to the snowfalls underneath, but couldn't find the courage to do so. The people - tourists - opened the balcony door. They were talking and had tea cups in their hands. They looked at my direction yet they seemed to look past me. They didn't see me. And they left. I returned to the room.

Soon after my brother and my "brother" walked into the room with a paper scroll and a sun-dial. I write "brother" and brother, because the first one is somebody I have never seen in real life but was somehow related to me in the dream as a cousin or brother (he was dark haired, dressed in a soldier uniform and.. Russian). And behind him walked my real brother. "Brother" opened the scroll and gave me the sun-dial. The scroll had small vertical lines in a form of an arc and I moved the sun-dial along the arc. As I stopped my "brother" yelled happily "Now there we have it, the date of his (referring to himself) present incarnation!". There had been a rumour that somebody was going to buy the whole house to himself, and I thought that this way my "brother" was able to prove that he was the real heir of the house. He wrote the date on the paper on a red marker and draw four lines around it. The date was, if I remember right, september 31st. My "brother" then wrote on the paper ".. And this is for you, dear Anna!"

Anna is my first name but I'm normally called on my second name. My grandma is half Russian and his father served as a commissioned officer for the last emperor Nikolai. When revolution came he moved to Finland. I have never known my Russian relatives. And found out that I even had Russian relatives at the age of 17-18.

I better remember the date, that might be important.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

..And the results.

I just got an offer in Facebook from my teacher to sell tickets for a Salsa Party. I would be paid of course.. :)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Poppet magick

This Esbath I decided to try some poppet magick. I had found this cute little fellow and "she's" just perfect for to be my money talisman/poppet. Since I quit my job at McDonald's.. Money doesn't grow on trees and I just might need some more..

After creating the circle and calling the Gods and consecrating the tools (also the doll) I tied a ten-euro-bill on "her" back with my own hair - this way the doll is energetically connected to me. I kept "her" against my chest for a while to make it part of my aura. Then, holdin the poppet I visualized what I want and after that I visualized the doll inside a green energy ball. When I felt that "she" had had enough I imagined all the green energy to be sucked into the doll. I put it to hang on my window - for some reason - I felt that it'd be a good place.

Some more pics of my little one:

Friday, 12 August 2011

A Spell for Finding

I bought a pink cardigan from Gina Tricot ja now it has mysteriously disappeared! Me and my roommates have been looking for it everyhwere and have done everything to find it. But the it's like the cardigan has vanished like air! I'm sure my soommates have not stolen it, since first, the cardigan is definately not their style and second, they couldn't be able to wear it because then I would see who took it. Anyway, the situation required some magick. I did the following spell on wednesday from the book Witchcraft & Practical magic (Susan Greenwood, Raje Airey):

You'll need:

A wand of hazel
Honeysuckle oil diluded with carrier oil (I used Patchouli though)
A yellow cloth

Draw your circle (it's has to be deosil) with the wand and annoint yourself with Honeysuckle (or Patchouli) oil. Sit in the north corner of the circle fasing south. Visualize yourself sitting on peak of a high mountan made of magnetic crystals. Raise our hands up and say this invocation: Swift and sure, my (name the object) return to me.. or make you own invocation. Imagine your object being drawn back to you. When you finish, close the circle and wrap the wand in the yellow cloth and store in a safe place untill your object has been found..

Friday, 5 August 2011

It's buzzling in Salem..

So, everybodu knows Salem, right? The wellknown City of The Witches located in The Unated States. I visited the Witch School INT. page (link on rigth --->), which is an online school for witches and wiccans and the like all over to world. I found out that they're going to film an online reality TV show about three young wiccans/witches and their lives. The show will be hosted my MagickTV and ClickVision.TV.

"The Young Witches of Salem will follow the life of the young adult members of the Witch community of Salem, MA - the Witch City. As a Witch in a place where Witches are in demand, their lives can become very public, we will share how they handle their lives, their faith, and their magick in the crush of Halloween in Salem."

"The show will follow the lives of Salem Witches Danielle Young, Caitlin rose, and other young witches as they interact, work, and perform around the World of Witches Museum, Salem chapel, and The Witch city. The show will cover the month of October, 2011 which is the largest celebration of Halloween in the world today.

From simple rituals to full séances, the young staff under Rev. Donald Lewis , will be practicing psychic and magical arts for the public while teaching the history of the modern Pagan movement to visiting tourists. This is the delicate act our Young Witches of Salem uniquely face." (Note that mentioning Generation Hex* there does not refer to my blog :))

Here's also a video of the press conference:

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Zemaiciu Alka

I read about Romuva - an ancient religion of the Lithuanians - today at Lehto-ry. When I saw the little picture of the ancient people's sanctuary something inside me.. I mean, this was again one of those moments that you feel you could almost remember something... Especially the figures that look like the sun and moon. I can't get my eyes of them. There's just something in them.. I just have to keep on straring.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Lughnasad cheers!

Remmember to give thanks to nature everyone! :)

This blog has been here for over a year now. It's quite an accomplish for me. You see, I tend to start little things and then get bored of them and forget about them but this blog has been an exception. And it's also thanks to you my dear friends and readers! That being said, let's wellcome our new reader!