Monday, 22 August 2011

A dream worth to record

Here goes another dream that I think is worth of recording here.

I was visiting Russia, a house near The Palace. The house was made of brick and it had a balcony - those that are the shape of an arc. Inside the house were servants or workers and tourists. But one part of the house was destricted (among the room, where the balcony was). And that's where I went. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust. The floor in front of the balcony sank dreadfully under my feet. I still remember the feeling, it was so vivid. I think I was looking for something, but don't know what.

I heard people coming, and I had to hide myself to the balcony so that they would not discover me (after all I wasn't supposted to be there). I heard them coming to the balcony where I was hiding. I thought about jumping to the snowfalls underneath, but couldn't find the courage to do so. The people - tourists - opened the balcony door. They were talking and had tea cups in their hands. They looked at my direction yet they seemed to look past me. They didn't see me. And they left. I returned to the room.

Soon after my brother and my "brother" walked into the room with a paper scroll and a sun-dial. I write "brother" and brother, because the first one is somebody I have never seen in real life but was somehow related to me in the dream as a cousin or brother (he was dark haired, dressed in a soldier uniform and.. Russian). And behind him walked my real brother. "Brother" opened the scroll and gave me the sun-dial. The scroll had small vertical lines in a form of an arc and I moved the sun-dial along the arc. As I stopped my "brother" yelled happily "Now there we have it, the date of his (referring to himself) present incarnation!". There had been a rumour that somebody was going to buy the whole house to himself, and I thought that this way my "brother" was able to prove that he was the real heir of the house. He wrote the date on the paper on a red marker and draw four lines around it. The date was, if I remember right, september 31st. My "brother" then wrote on the paper ".. And this is for you, dear Anna!"

Anna is my first name but I'm normally called on my second name. My grandma is half Russian and his father served as a commissioned officer for the last emperor Nikolai. When revolution came he moved to Finland. I have never known my Russian relatives. And found out that I even had Russian relatives at the age of 17-18.

I better remember the date, that might be important.

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