Friday, 5 August 2011

It's buzzling in Salem..

So, everybodu knows Salem, right? The wellknown City of The Witches located in The Unated States. I visited the Witch School INT. page (link on rigth --->), which is an online school for witches and wiccans and the like all over to world. I found out that they're going to film an online reality TV show about three young wiccans/witches and their lives. The show will be hosted my MagickTV and ClickVision.TV.

"The Young Witches of Salem will follow the life of the young adult members of the Witch community of Salem, MA - the Witch City. As a Witch in a place where Witches are in demand, their lives can become very public, we will share how they handle their lives, their faith, and their magick in the crush of Halloween in Salem."

"The show will follow the lives of Salem Witches Danielle Young, Caitlin rose, and other young witches as they interact, work, and perform around the World of Witches Museum, Salem chapel, and The Witch city. The show will cover the month of October, 2011 which is the largest celebration of Halloween in the world today.

From simple rituals to full séances, the young staff under Rev. Donald Lewis , will be practicing psychic and magical arts for the public while teaching the history of the modern Pagan movement to visiting tourists. This is the delicate act our Young Witches of Salem uniquely face." (Note that mentioning Generation Hex* there does not refer to my blog :))

Here's also a video of the press conference:

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