Sunday, 14 August 2011

Poppet magick

This Esbath I decided to try some poppet magick. I had found this cute little fellow and "she's" just perfect for to be my money talisman/poppet. Since I quit my job at McDonald's.. Money doesn't grow on trees and I just might need some more..

After creating the circle and calling the Gods and consecrating the tools (also the doll) I tied a ten-euro-bill on "her" back with my own hair - this way the doll is energetically connected to me. I kept "her" against my chest for a while to make it part of my aura. Then, holdin the poppet I visualized what I want and after that I visualized the doll inside a green energy ball. When I felt that "she" had had enough I imagined all the green energy to be sucked into the doll. I put it to hang on my window - for some reason - I felt that it'd be a good place.

Some more pics of my little one:

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