Friday, 12 August 2011

A Spell for Finding

I bought a pink cardigan from Gina Tricot ja now it has mysteriously disappeared! Me and my roommates have been looking for it everyhwere and have done everything to find it. But the it's like the cardigan has vanished like air! I'm sure my soommates have not stolen it, since first, the cardigan is definately not their style and second, they couldn't be able to wear it because then I would see who took it. Anyway, the situation required some magick. I did the following spell on wednesday from the book Witchcraft & Practical magic (Susan Greenwood, Raje Airey):

You'll need:

A wand of hazel
Honeysuckle oil diluded with carrier oil (I used Patchouli though)
A yellow cloth

Draw your circle (it's has to be deosil) with the wand and annoint yourself with Honeysuckle (or Patchouli) oil. Sit in the north corner of the circle fasing south. Visualize yourself sitting on peak of a high mountan made of magnetic crystals. Raise our hands up and say this invocation: Swift and sure, my (name the object) return to me.. or make you own invocation. Imagine your object being drawn back to you. When you finish, close the circle and wrap the wand in the yellow cloth and store in a safe place untill your object has been found..

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