Friday, 16 September 2011

Hi guys! I hope you had a nice Esbat! :) Speaking of which.. I myself tried something I hadn't done before, which was creating an energy entity. I used the method's of Janet and Steward Farrar described in their book "The Witches' Bible" because I found it easier at this stage. "Moderns Magick" also instructs in creating entities but I'm not quite that far yet (I'm in lesson six by the way). And since "Modern Magick" is about ceremonial magick, I should learn several rituals beforehand. This time I preferred the simple version.

I'm going to give you the method The Farrars and I used.

First you have to decide the purpose of this entity. After that, decide it's gender, looks, character etc. If you have artistic ability, it'd be a good idea to draw it on paper. Come up with a name for it, but don't use any Goddess or God names -  you don't want it to think it's superior to you or mistake itself as an autonomious entity what it is not. It's part of you and after it has fullfilled it's task it should return and merge into it's source (you) again.

This entity is created in a magick circle using vizualisation. See it as clearly as you can. After you are satisfied in your vizualisation, you symbolically give birth to it. Now, how this is done is up to you. Whitches' Bible describes a symbolical rite by a male witch and a female witch, but a solitarian must improvise. It is a good idea to ask the Gods to give life into it. Also the birth of the entity is best marked by a ring of a bell (or the like) - says the book. So after it's birth, you address it by it's name and tell it it's task. In the end, remember to tell your entity to return to you as soon as he/she has done what he/she was created for. Likewise, you can set up a timeline ("..return unto me who created you on the day of the next fullmoon etc..")

So what I created was Scheduler. It's job is the schedule my life so that dancing schedule won't overlap with work or any other activity I'm going to engage in the future. That I'm always able to dance.

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