Saturday, 25 February 2012

I'm currently reading Spiral Damce by Starhawk. In the book there's a very interesting reading suggestion; Tristine Rainer, The New Diary which introduces a tehcnique discovering past lives through writing. I'm so going to try it once I get the book in my hands! I've had couple of "flashbacks" as a teen (the first one when I was about 14) where I'm about to cross a street and feeling very happy. There's a house across the street that is biuld like these:

And as a child I remember liking houses like those very much for an unknown reason. Though in my flashback the wooden parts were a bit darker.. Just like in the picture below, the house in front..

I call them "The German Houses" even though similar ones are probably build all over central Europe. However I've always identified them with Germany.

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