Sunday, 11 March 2012

Moonlight shines down in distellar beams

How on earth the moon is so beautifull... Last night I had a dream. I was in Oulu, in the place where I spent my childhood. It was night. And fullmoon and I was there with some people. I knew I had to leave the group because I had to celebrate the Esbat. So I left. I walked the road beside the houses and fences and I can't even describe how beautifull the moon was. It was so bright. I was staring at it and a thought occured into my mind. I thought I could leave my body and go astral traveling and I closed my eyes but then fear stopped me. I was afraid that others might find me lying there on the ground and so they would find out I'm a witch! And that should never happen! I'd be screwed..

Actually my that fear is connected to my waking life. I'm about to move again. But now my landlady also lives in the same house and I don't think she'd be very pleased to find out what I actually am! She's an oldery lady, possibly a christian ('cause this city seems to be full of them!) and I gotta be extra cautious now. Especially with my books and stuff..

I regret that I took the house.. I didn't feel confortable in it in the first place.. Why did I take it? It's in the center and there's no nature..

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