Friday, 30 March 2012

Past life examination and general speculation

So today I was, fot the second time, seeing a hypnotherapist who's supposted to help me with my insomnia. I also asked her if we could try out bringing up past lives so that's what we did today. I wasn't so deeply in the hypnosis that I could tell anything for sure but this's what we got:

When I was asked about a place I got England, countryside. I saw a field and a tree and an emtry of a small house. The door was the back door, in the middle of a small garden. Then I got some corner of a white low-build house, I somehow was thinking it served as a school.. The time was 17 hundreds or so.. I didn't get any exact date, maybe because she didn't ask it so specifically. She also made me meet my so called former persona. So I met this dark haired man with a tuxedo, who somehow didn't fit the whole countryside thing.. Maybe that was where he was born or then there were somehow two lives simultaneously surfacing. I don't know. I don't know if the man was my former incarnation or just a mind trick. He looked wily with his longish nose and rather sharp features but his character was not sneaky at all. He was gentle and smiling. My therapist asked us to exchange gifts or advice (wasn't quite sure what exactly she meant) and I got a little heart shaped diamond necklace. And I gave him a flower (fare? :D).

Anyways, that's what we got today.

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