Sunday, 11 March 2012


Last Esbat I decided to do some scrying with my Tarot cards. I tried it with a chalice filled with water but didn't see anything. So I used the Tarot cards. I made a simple deck I learned when I was teenager and just getting familiar with Tarot. I lifted two cards for the past, two cards for the present and two cards for the future. They would form a triangle and the present being the upper peak.

My cards were:

Past: Justice and the Six of Cups

Justice represents balance and the Six of Cups reunion and nostalgia, also memories of the past. It seems that I'm in balance with the past.

Present: The Three of Swords and the Ten of Pentacles

The Three of Swords usually means disharmony, sorrow or pain, unhappiness or disturbance. Which is true in my case, if you read my post of astrology where I told you about my hearthache.
The Ten of Pentacles on the other hand is related to prosperity in all levels. "Richness" some say. Well I might say that I'm now "an experience richer" and a stronger person. This should also be a good time to search for a new job which pays well...

The Future: The Queen of Sword and the Ace of Wands

The Queen of Swords is about intellect, facts and logic. It's about the decision making with your brains rather than with your heart. It is a positive card, usually indicating that the person involved is able to this kind of decision making and also sees things clearly.

Ace of Wands deals with plenty of energy to go for whatever you it is that you want. It promises adventure and exciting endeavors. New projects. Especially this card calls for artists, visionaries, entepreneurs and such.

At least the future looks promising..

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