Thursday, 1 March 2012

Some astrology

I've been looking forward for this spring for following reasons. I'm going to have some heavy transits and I'm willing to work myself as they come along. Transits are those, that describe one's current life situations.

First, I'm having Chiron square Sun. Chiron is an asteroid and it has to do with physical health as well as emotional.Chiron also has to do with one's own wounds or so called weak points (we all have them). Square is a challenging figure and it offers an opportunity for growth (as do the other challenging figures; Opposition and quincunx).

During Chiron square Sun (Sun represents You, The Ego) I've been fluish and and so on. But I've also been hurt emotionally. I was told by my - let's call her "friend" - how she could never ever fall for a girl who wears make up, is girly and very talkactive. So she basically gave a pretty accurate descreption of me. Though she didn't realize it and I know she didn't mean to hurt me. BUT.. When I got home I cried anyway. And it felt so good.

But I now resist even more strongly the temptation to be what somebody wants me to be (even though I haven't given into it I admit that it is one of my weak points, to look certain way..). My ASC is in Virgo. ASC also describes aspects of one's personality as well as appearance and the way how others see you. I think feeling "not-good-enough" is a Virgo-trait. I'm about to have Chiron opposing my ASC, so it's definately gonna bring some weak points to be healed. But I'm ready. I want to be loved as I am, not because I look certain way - neither do I want to be rejected just because I look certain way..

The saddest thing is that she (my friend) too is trying to fit in to somebody else's frame just as she want's somebody who fits into hers. But if she keeps living like that she's never gonna be really happy and loved. That's really sad. I'm not going to make that mistake.

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