Saturday, 7 April 2012

Fullmoon talisman

I decided to make a talisman for increasing creativity since I should do some choreographies for our production and for the TEAK exams. It's already working, though I'm suddenly very interested in writing songs :0. Nothing bad in it, it's just that, I've never written songs nor thought I could do so. But today I did anyway. It turned out pretty nice (notice, I'm writing lyrics, not composing).

Here's some pics.

There's the scroll.
Here's what's inside:

The sign of Venus, planet of love but creativity/arts as well. Then a figure that I formed from a finnish word "luovuus" (creativity) using a table of hebrew letters from the book Modern Magick (discussed in earlier posts too) by D.M Kraig. Then a triangle of air and a name of a entity of air "Anael" and two marks/symbols associated with it.

SO, back to songwriting.. :) Maybe I'll even show some of them here in this blog.

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