Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Have a wonderfull Beltaine everybody! Here's a little songpiece:


And some astrology here:
Pluto the planet of death is currently opposing my Jupiter (the planet of joy, luck and beliefs). This means a lot of old habits and psycological restricitons have been dealt with. This transit gives me the strenght to overcome my inner demons. I've learned a lot about law of attraction. And in it has only been two weeks but I feel like a newborn. So much I've left behind. I've digged deep into my subconcious and revealed a lot. I found a wonderfull lady on youtube, she's a hypnotherapist and it was through her that I discovered what was really going on in my mind. She's just great!

Here's one of her eye-opening videos:


I can say I've definately been there. I always seemed to fall for unattainable people. My mind often created chemistry with them because I needed the drama. My often saw them more glorious as they really were. Saw things that really weren't there. And at the same time it was a safe way 'cause I new it couldn't happen because of my fears deep down in my subconcious. And subconious always wants to repeat the patterns it has learned, wheter it's good or bad, just because it's safe. 

I've learned so much, I highly recommend Debra Berndt to everyone!