Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Healing spell and power animals

Puksu was a bit ill again so I did a little healing spell for him on sunday. I made a little dog-like figure of bluetack and put Puksu's hair into it. Then quickly creating a circle by imagining a vortex of silvery energy above my head, drawing it down my body and letting it expand forming a ring around me. Calling the Gods to be present and so on. I draw energy from the vortex through me into the figure, at the same time imagining Puksu into a white healing energy buble.

Puksu is much better now. :)

I've been wondering what could be my power animal since for a long time I haven't had any interest to any particular animal. Yesterday I found it out. It's a tortoise! I found a little tortoise-pendant from Bijou Brigitte, Kamppi, and just had to buy it. When I held it to my chest it immediately relieved my anxiety. Tortoises have stable, inner strength and calmness that I apparently need right now; I'm moving again, my mom is going to a surgery, I'm hoping Puksu would stay healthy, I'm runing out of money.. But luckily should get the rest of my wage soon and student allowance..

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