Sunday, 2 June 2013

Disturbing dream

I saw a quite disturbind dream where I suddenly decided to go astral traveling (o_o'). I remember the feeling of being kinda like ripped from my body ('cause at the same time I was scared to leave my body) and that the astral plane was quite dark greenish... I then started chickening and came quickly back to my body and the dream went on. I'm starting to think that maybe I'm gonna start learning the skill of astral traveling for real. That'd be cool. :) So that's for today.

Thursday, 30 May 2013


This's really nice. :) I could really feel the energy.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Nature Spirits

Have you ever had any experince with a spirit of nature? Have you seen them? Senced them?
Or been in contact with them in one way or another?

I have a childhood memory. It was early morning. I had gone out to play in the park. There was nobody but me. I decided to go for a slide and as I was climbing I felt that somebody threw a rock on my back. I quickly turned my head to see who it was but the only thing I saw was the rock droppin on the ground before me. There was nobody. I then thought it must have been a gnome. I have no idea was it really a gnome or what. 'Till today, the mystery remains unsolved. :)

Monday, 13 May 2013

Ghosts 'n' stuff

First: The most warmest wellcome to new readers! <3 p="">
Second: Didn't find anything about Maretta. I tried several name combinations but nope.. Oh well. If it was something important the whole case will reveal itself.

Third: I'm so clad to be back! I've been doing necessary psychological work and dwelled into my mind. I've also been moving around a few times. Didn't do much witching but hey, I can't escape my inner witch for too long. ;) Today I felt a witchy-pinch in my soul that was strong enough so I did a little ritual in he woods again. I found a great place where there's a rock suitable for an altar facing north. :)

Fourth: There's a little ghost at my friends house. I was there last saturday and a couple of her friends showed up. We were all gathered in the living room when the other girl came to us and asked "We're all here?". I was a bit puzzled but answered "Yes...?" and she continued "Then who's in the bathroom?". She had tried to go for a pee but the bathroom door was locked. We were all a bit stunned and looked at eachother and then we all reached to the door. It was locked indeed but everybody were on the outside. We had to open the door using a knife and there was nobody inside. Well, nobody we could see. My friend mentioned that there lives this little ghost of a child, about five years old. She had been quiet for awhile but now for some reason she decided to do something like that. I was excited for this was the first time I was witnessing a ghost! I've never been that close to a ghost before. :D

So, that being it this time! Have a witchy day! <3 p="">

Sunday, 5 May 2013

On past lives

It's been a long time, but this's something I have to record now.

I was snoozing this morning and righ about to fall asleep when a picture with bright yellow letters appeared in front of my eyes (like in the old-tim movies, you kow). The letters read the name Maretta Matteus (not sure about the surname) and below there were numbers 1917- (and a time of death I suppose but I can't remember it). My first though was "that's a funny name, Maretta..Not the most common ones." The picture behind  was dark greenish, tropical. I also think I had a flash of that name the day before yesterday but I didn't record it, I somehow forgot.. But I remember thinking the same thing while getting up "That's a weird name, not very common.."

I have no idea was Maretta a real person or where she lived (somehow I was thiking America). Was she a past life of mine (I've read people sometimes get information about their past lives like this) or was it just something I call "astral stuff", you kow, those pictures ad thins you see rght before you fall asleep that come from the astral plane.

Some time ago now I woke up with a voice in my head "Weberg, a family in Weberg". Or someting like that. Before I woke up I saw a seen where people were gathered in a living room. They were dressed like in the 15 hundreds and a brown haired man looked at me as if he had failed and sorry. My thought was that he was a friend of this family and had failed in something and now the family was in trouble.

I googled it and found nothing on Weberg but there's a place called Wegberg (a small town whose history begings from 12th centry) in Germany. Wedberg on the other hand is a surname in Sweden. It might have been a place too.

But now I'm gonna google Maretta Matteus and see if I can find anything.