Sunday, 5 May 2013

On past lives

It's been a long time, but this's something I have to record now.

I was snoozing this morning and righ about to fall asleep when a picture with bright yellow letters appeared in front of my eyes (like in the old-tim movies, you kow). The letters read the name Maretta Matteus (not sure about the surname) and below there were numbers 1917- (and a time of death I suppose but I can't remember it). My first though was "that's a funny name, Maretta..Not the most common ones." The picture behind  was dark greenish, tropical. I also think I had a flash of that name the day before yesterday but I didn't record it, I somehow forgot.. But I remember thinking the same thing while getting up "That's a weird name, not very common.."

I have no idea was Maretta a real person or where she lived (somehow I was thiking America). Was she a past life of mine (I've read people sometimes get information about their past lives like this) or was it just something I call "astral stuff", you kow, those pictures ad thins you see rght before you fall asleep that come from the astral plane.

Some time ago now I woke up with a voice in my head "Weberg, a family in Weberg". Or someting like that. Before I woke up I saw a seen where people were gathered in a living room. They were dressed like in the 15 hundreds and a brown haired man looked at me as if he had failed and sorry. My thought was that he was a friend of this family and had failed in something and now the family was in trouble.

I googled it and found nothing on Weberg but there's a place called Wegberg (a small town whose history begings from 12th centry) in Germany. Wedberg on the other hand is a surname in Sweden. It might have been a place too.

But now I'm gonna google Maretta Matteus and see if I can find anything.

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