Saturday, 31 May 2014

Rites of Passage

Last night we let go of our beloved, the head of our family, the matriarc, my grandmma. She had fought for her life for a long time and many doctors wondered how on earth she could be still alive. She was so tough. She was quite a spirit. Many times she was on edge but managed to stay back, refusing to leave. I wondered what could still keep her here, her soul could easily had left and moved on a long time ago, if she had wanted. Many years she did defy the disease in her and continued her journey on earth. But last night apparently, her job here on earth was done and she decided to move on, sleeping peacefully. And rest she shall. It had been a long life for her, nearly ninety years. She'll now continue to the Goddess and God, to home, to rest and then perhaps start a new life. I wonder what kind of adventures are yet to come to her and I wonder what kind of a adventure she now left behind. It really makes me wonder...

I had a little rite of passage here today. I first lit a black candle and meditated. Black here is a symbol of stepping into unknowing, going through the gate. Then I lit a white candle as a symbol for purity of the soul and new beginnings. The flame was flapping and smoking. Maybe it's just the breath of wind from the window, or, as they say, a spirit is present... ;) Well, be what it may, I took it on tape.

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