Friday, 13 June 2014

Have a nice fullmoon friday the thirteenth! ;)

I'm not much of a big believer in friday the thirteenth BUT fullmoons are the ones I truly love. :) Today I was thinking about my path and how it all had started. We are all born witch, regardless of do we choose to walk this path or not. We all have equal possibilities within us. I had always been interested in Tarot and ghosts and had a few of premonitions and flashes from past lives but it wasn't untill I was about 20 years old, that I began to choose this path. Choose to become a witch, study. It was a very hot summer. I was suffering from a sleeping disorder and feeling constant flows of energy in me. They were sparkles at the lightest and when they were stronger it felt like a punch of worms crawling under my skin and up my body. I felt an itch at the top of my head, or more like churr and later on was told my chackras were starting to open. Which I do believe; the overflow of energy and the my crown chackra at the top of my head itchying...
I read books and found this world very fascinating, yet, also a very beautiful one. I started practicing the solstices and the sabbaths and soon could tell that it was fullmoon without any calendars in pure daylight just by feeling. My connection to the world had never been this awsome.

So today it's fullmoon again. Celebrate my friends! I know I do. I celebrate me, I celebrate who I am and I celebrate the life.

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