Friday, 25 July 2014

A new mission continues

So apparently he managed to get two of them out by himself. There was someone who was just arranging stuff and a girl ghost who was crying. They left when asked but the last one is furious. It's shutting lights, making loud noses and growling. The boy said he suspects it came from Africa where he was visiting recently and where there was a bloody goat head in the house he was sleeping in. It all began there and the creature had followed him here. He had tried everything, Jeesus, salt, chrystals, sage.. You name it but with no success. I told him we'd need to speak to the beast it's own language, meaning, that since it's probably from a part of Africa where people follow a very different religion none of those things matter to it.

I then went search online more about the local religion. The population mostly consists of Muslims but many also follow the old African religion called Serer. They apparently use pentagram as a protective symbol and he recalled seeing a pentagram in the house. I suggested he'd use the pentagram and appeal to the supreme god of serer religion called Roog. And also, call his relatives in Africa for more help. That's all I could do by far...

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